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Our family began using essential oils in 2010 during a time in our lives when our son was in need of immune support. friends of ours shared the oils in hopes that we would find the answers we had been looking for. Not only did we find answers tp those questions, we found answers to questions we didn't realize we had. 

That was the beginning of a total health shift and focus, beginning with removing toxic chemicals from our home. 

Over the years I've met people who use different oils from various companies and it never occurs to me to share why I choose Young Living. I suppose we all have our biases in why we use the products we use. And I suppose those biases are valid for that person. However, my choice in using this particular company isn't about a bias, but rather it's a about a woman who wouldn't use something that is subpar on her children, if there was an option offered. In other words- I wouldn't use something just because everyone else says it's decent or not. I choose foods, clothing, schooling based solely on the research I have done that will best suit those I am in charge of. 

We all have choices to make, allow me to share why I choose this essential oil company. 

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