The 21 Day Experience Your Starter Kit

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Day 1: Of course, OPEN the box. First thing, pop the Ningixa Red packets in the fridge, allow to chill for two hours. Pick a place to keep your brand new essential oils so that you will practice utilizing them daily. Second, unpack your new diffuser, fill to the line with water, and add 3-4 drops of Lavender. This is such an unassuming oil and is a perfect way to ease into your new world of Young Living essential oils. Try it in the evening as well for a wonderful night’s rest.

If there’s time, peek through the catalog. We’re not just an essential oil company, you know.


Day 2: Place the sample sachets in your purse, backpack or briefcase. Have a notebook to jot down your favorites as you go along and what you used them for. Today begin with Lemon, a fresh crisp essential oil, perfect for adding a drop to your water or diffusing to create a light and refreshing aroma. Be sure to use a glass cup when using any citrus oil.


Day 3: By now you have experience two beautiful single essential oils. Today we are going to enjoy a blend, Stress Away, also known as, “Vacation in a bottle”. Apply one drop to the palm of your left hand, rub together to activate the oil molecules, cup hands over nose and mouth and inhale, from your belly~ a nice deep breath. Apply to wrists so that throughout the day should stress or tension arise, you can breathe in the aroma and calm your mind.


Day 4: Discover Valor, courage and balance in a bottle. This incredible blend is beautiful for keep you steady through anything life throughs at you today. Apply to wrists and touch the pulse points together. Feel your body balance as your heartbeat becomes more noticeable. Apply 3 drops over each shoulder for an extra boost of confidence.


Day 5: Peppermint is on tap for today, and it is sure to keep your eyes open and your mind clear!  Put a drop in your water, hot chocolate, tea or coffee for a lovely minty flavor. If it’s a warm day, Peppermint in your water will be cooling from the inside.


Day 6: It’s time to travel back to ancient times, Egypt, or perhaps in Jesus’ time with Frankincense. This highly prized and sought after essential oil is exquisite with an untold number of uses. Discover it’s uplifting spiritual benefits today by inhaling as you did with Stress Away. Add a drop to your favorite non-toxic moisturizing and notice the benefits on your skin- men and women enjoy this as a stunning wrinkle reducer.


Day 7: The essential oil blend we have today has mixed reviews, DiGize. It is a strong aroma, filled with spicy oils like Ginger, Patchouli, and Peppermint. Add one drop to the belly button today after your meals. Notice the superb digestion support DiGize gives. For those not so new to the world of essential oils, DiGize is fabulous taken under the tongue. It most definitely soothes any upset or uncomfortable stomach.


Day 8: It’s time to begin creating your own DIY concoctions, would you agree? Take your Raven and Pan Away, coconut oil (refined, otherwise your creation will smell only like coconut) and 2 empty jars. You might even consider purchasing 4 ounce Ball jars to have on hand for more DIY projects or possible gifts for friends and family. Add just under the lid line of coconut oil and 20 drops PanAway in one jar and 20 drops Raven in the second. You have now crafted a non-toxic muscle rub, Pan Away, and a non-toxic chest rub, Raven. You do not need to wait until you need support in these two areas before you try them out. Apply them each today to experience the benefits on an already supported body.


Day 9: Time to pull out your reference materials and LEARN. Study one oil each day or evening to dive into more uses for these gems. Be sure to continue to jot down notes and ideas for a later time.


Day 10: Make some soothing bath salts or foot soak if baths aren’t your thing. Yes, even if you’re a guy, foot soaks are important! Mix up one cup of Epsom salt with a 5-10 drops of Peace and Calming, put into a jar, remember the Ball jars? Use as needed.


Day 11: Has it been a long day? Mix a drop or two of Frankincense with some virgin coconut or olive oil and massage away your tension. This essential oil is a valuable gift, so use it! You my friend, are worth it.


Day 12: Have you tried your Ningxia packets yet? Well, by all means, take one and drink it! Go to and discover the benefits. !


Day 13: By now you are getting quite savvy with your oils and have likely discovered some interesting uses. Have you shared one with a friend r family member yet? Today would be a great day to offer a cooling drop of Peppermint of soothing Lavender with a loved one.


Day 14: Ready to be adventurous? Remember our DiGize? After dinner, take a drop and put it under your tongue. The digestion benefits will be astounding.


Day 15: You didn’t think we’d forget Thieves did you? This time-tested essential oil blend is perfect for immune support and has an extensive number of uses. For now, add it to your diffuser this evening and enjoy the health benefits as you sleep. You might start to feel that Fall air, by smelling the cinnamon and clove aroma!


Day 16: Breathing is a natural part of life. Raven in the diffuser or on your chest can be such a blessing to support respiration.


Day 17: Feeling a bit run down after a long day? Put a drop of Thieves, a pinch of real salt, and a bit of honey in some warm water. Sit back, enjoy, get some rest, and feel renewed in the morning!


Day 18: Take some more time to LEARN! And, check out and see what sets Young Living apart. Watch the YL University videos in your virtual office! Discover the many, incredible resources under the Member Resources tab.


Day 19: Try something new and fresh in your diffuser today. The Young Living blog has quite a number of diffuser blends, as well as our Facebook group Weir Oily.


Day 20: Loving your oils? Open up those little sample bottles and reference cards. Do you know a friend or family member who could benefit from trying a few drops of some of your new oils? Consider how you can help them enjoy greater wellness with Young Living. Share what you have discovered, you never know, you may just be the answer to their prayer.


Day 21: It’s time to check on your Essential Rewards order, it’ll process soon so let’s see what your have used most this month, and what you may want to try for next month. Pick the three oils you have already used the most and put them on your first Essential Rewards order. Have you removed all toxins from your environment, cleaners, soaps, toothpaste? This would be a perfect thing to add to your order.


Twenty-one days is just the beginning! You’re going to love the Young Living lifestyle as much as we do. One of the tools we have found helpful is an essential oils reference book. You can find some great ones at or You may even find fun bags for your oils and other great reads! This is just a few of  the many ways to use essential oils. In a reference book, you will discover many more! This is your wellness journey, own it and relish in it.



Essential Rewards Suggestions: Ningxia Red, Thieves Household Cleaner, The ART Skin Care System, , Essentialzyme, Master Formula, Life 9 probiotic and Joy essential oil blend.