Thieves Chest Rub

I’m not sure whether or not you need assistance on making a good decision with this newest spotlight, but I believe you are all aware of my adventures in the world of DIY, so we’ll just leave it at that. This is really a no brainer choice for those like me. But let’s discuss anyway.


Oh happy day now that I can simply order a chest rub and apply without getting my hands goopy, eucalyptus-y, minty fresh- or- create havoc in my kitchen making the rub...
Have you ever applied chest rub in the middle of the night, only to rub your eyes directly after?
Just me then?

There are so many incredible benefits I found with this particular new launch, I can assure you, it would take more than a single write up.

Most notably however, is the ingredients which suppress a cough. The oils and ingredients in Thieves Chest rub actually quell the nerves responsible for coughing. Also, relieves chest aches that are associated with colds and coughs.

And, it’s an OTC product so we can make all kinds of claims- per the FDA.
**spins in chair over yet another victory in the world of foxtrot, delta, alpha**

Please note- have a look at the oils in this rub;
Eucalyptus-cough suppressant
Camphor-fast acting suppressant and topical pain reliever
Thieves- well, it’s Thieves so there’s that
Menthol- supports healthy breathing and soothes nasal passages

I’m sure you’ll agree, this product, along with Thieves hand sanitizer and cleaner, should be in full stock in every home during these times.

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