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Hi Everyone! I am almost 3 years into my journey with changing my lifestyle with the help of Young Living Products. But it didn't happen right away, as usual, change is slow, but at least I moved faster than a glacier.

Why did I start using something natural? My doctor thought I might be snoring and suffering some side effects. Because I have no desire to go to sleep with a mask on my face I researched snoring and essential oils. I reached out to my friends who sold them and bought some samples from them. I started covering my feet with dilluted Thyme oil and my FitBit recorded an uninterupted night of sleep!! Talk about a happy wake-up that morning.

I began using the oils and Thieves toothpaste and Thieves Household Cleaner. I have now switched out 90% of my household products...just a few holdouts.

Do you have questions about oils? I have lots of information or can find what you are looking for. I also have natually curly hair and it has never been healthier since I stopped shamppoing and began conditioning on a daily basis. I almost cannot remember a time when I wanted to NOT have curly hair.

Feel free to reach out to me directly via text or call - 214-455-8892. Make sure you leave a message so I know you are a legitimate call. Email works too -

Here's to healing with the support of a great company!!

Trisha Turquette
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