Yes, Essential Oils Too

I came to faith on Christ when I was 23. And contrary to popular belief, anxiety and fear became my reality. Don’t get me wrong, I had peace and assurance for eternity and faith that all would be well, yada yada but the day to day, my inner dialogue... M E S S It wasn’t until I began diving into the use of essential oils that those thoughts and fears could be properly done away with. Turns out, there’s science to why this is so. Turns out, James 5 explains why the use of oils along with prayer creates healing, emotional and otherwise. Scientifically speaking, essential oils have the ability to create clear connections in the neurons, allowing the right wires to fire together. Any old thought patterns that are not part of your original design, will be smoothed out and the patterns God meant for you to have, will be sealed in. It’s so cool how this happens! So when you are reading something that gives life, such as scripture, and applying an essential oil, your brain will go back to original design- before anyone spoke fears over you.
Biblically speaking, anointing with essential oils is a mandate in scripture. Over 600 times it describes this process, anointing, consecrating, setting apart. And, by the way, this was not any old oil and any old oil is NOT acceptable. This is a common thought among Christians today, mostly Western cultures. They will tell you any vegetable oil will do. STOP! No. Absolutely not. First of all, no one should ever use vegetable oil under any circumstance. Your body has no idea what to do with vegetable oil, it’s unnatural. Second, in ancient times- Olive Oil was use, perfumed Olive Oil. Perfumes with what, you ask? Essential Oils. A lot of essential oils. About half the mixture would have been essential oils. This is of utmost importance because when you look at the science behind essential oils and what occurs in the brain when using them, verses not- you can see why God set it up this way. Prayer + Essential Oils= Change. Yes I love my peppermint for the occasional tummy ache or head discomfort. But more than that, I love my peppermint for the way it clears my thoughts and opens my conscious mind- so I am able to hear my God. So I’m able to clear out the cobwebs and nonsense that was spoken over me for 23+ years. When I pair essential oils such as Believe and Hope, while I’m praying a promise over my family which includes “they will spend their days in prosperity... the Lord will instruct them in the way they should choose”, when I do this- clarity comes. When I use my essential oil while I pray, it heightens my awareness and I think as the scriptures tell me I ought to. Whatever is good, lovely, excellent etc, I’m able to dwell on these things. And we all know, what we think about, becomes our reality. Answers are revealed when I pray along with anointing, my mind is at peace and I’m able to L I S T E N.

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