Using Essential Oils On Babies

As mentioned before, the use of natural remedies on more sensitive person, such as babies up unto the elderly, can be daunting. Essential oils have a natural detoxing effect so it would stand to reason that we would take greater care when using the oils on the littler ones and those who are past a certain age. Knowing that the average baby is born with a possible 300 chemicals in the umbilical cord, you would assume their tender bodies already have a need to go through a detoxification process. Shame as it is, straight out of the womb these babies already have a horrifying amount of toxins in their teeny cells. When speaking of the elder generation, well, it would stand to reason that they have a pile more of toxins coursing through their veins and so yes, detoxing slowly is of utmost importance. Now, if you are expecting or are planning on expecting you have a beautiful opportunity before you right now to change that statistic of the amount of toxins in the baby's body. If you are someone who does not understand the extreme caution by others on using essential oils and herbs and supplements of babies or the elderly, may I suggest you remind yourself of this truth. It is critical that parents and caretakers exercise this caution for this very purpose. In addition, an understanding that when an essential oil is applied it will create a change in the cellular structure. It is simply the natural job of an essential oil. When you have a tiny body, or a frail more sensitive body, keep this in mind. There is evidence for the benefits of essential oils. Since we do not perform human experiments in this country, as that would be unethical, we must make extreme educated guesses. In other words, use extreme caution until proven to be safe for your own child. Your child, your loved one has specific DNA, and the essential oils and supplements may respond differently than the neighbors child, so go slow. You can walk in this cautious manner by follow simple dilution ratios and only use oils that are tried and true for the particular age of the individual. A simple ratio formula is 1:8, essential oils to a carrier oil. A carrier oil is simply a fatty oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or even grapeseed oil. Studies show that baby massage can improve weight gain in pre-term infants, encourage development, and decrease irritability and sleep disturbances. If you perform this massage with the addition of an essential oil, diluted to the correct ratio, can you imagine the benefits the little one will receive? Let's have a look at the tried and true essential oils that are the most gentle for baby~ Lavender oil A 2016 review found some evidence that lavender oil could help treat pain in babies. One study found that newborns who smelled lavender while having a heel prick test experienced less pain and a lower heart rate than those in a control group. Another study concluded that a lavender oil aromatherapy massage could reduce colic symptoms. Roman Chamomile oil Roman Chamomile is a common home remedy for sleeplessness in adults, and may also help infants. While there is little scientific evidence to prove that chamomile aids sleep, some people find that adding a few drops of chamomile oil to a warm bath or diffuser can have a calming, sedative effect. Frankincense oil Used for thousands of years, including as a gift to our Savior, Frankincense essential oil is a wonderful oil to use on the littlest of persons. It is calming and soothing and highly spiritual. The Bible mentions that frankincense was burned in the temple, and we know that frankincense was important in their burial anointings, one of the main reasons it was gifted to Christ. How to use essential oils: There is a range of ways to use essential oils for babies, including: 1. In a baby massage While baby massage routines vary according to the baby's preferences, the following steps are a good starting point: Warm a small amount of the diluted oil by rubbing it between your hands. Gently rub the oil into the baby's skin, starting on their feet. Use just enough pressure to move the skin gently. Apply to the feet first in order to be sure the baby responds favorably to the essential oil. To massage the baby's chest and belly, spread your hands out towards the sides of the baby as if flattening the pages of a book. Use your fingers to make small circles. 2. In bath water A few drops of roman chamomile or lavender oil in the water at bath time can help to soothe and calm baby. In turn, this may help the baby sleep if bedtime follows soon after. 3. In a diffuser at bedtime When you purchase your Premium Starter Kit with Young Living, it comes with a beautiful diffuser. This is a most favorite way for new moms to start using essential oils on and around their little one. If you start by diffusing this will give the body a chance to acclimate to the aroma of the essential oil. Some also have soothing colored lights to help the baby sleep. Lastly, do not use low quality essential oils on your baby. Your fresh newborn deserves the very best, the most pristine products on their bodies. Choose the very best for them, essential oils in which are grown on farms that, if you desired, you would be able to be a part of that process, or you could see the lab testing that occurs for that specific oil. Choose what they deserve. Here is the best place to start, if you have not chosen the best already.

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