Truth Behind Snacking

So you've had a bad day... trying to turn it around... mindlessly you walk into the break room, maybe cafeteria or possibly gets some air and hit up the local coffee shop. If you're like most people you reach for chips, a sweet beverage or both. You assume it's because you're hungry and as you're munching and sipping you notice your waistband is a bit snugger than a few weeks ago. Chastising yourself you think, 'ok, next time I'm hungry I'll choose a healthy snack'. Right here is where we find the problem~ You are lacking awareness of the truth behind why you are making poor food choices. It's not because you lack self control, or you don't know what to eat. The truth behind why you reach for less than life giving foods is you are under mental stress. Understand this; When we are under stress, our brain tries to soothe the perceived danger by causing us to find comfort in food. In animal environments, they will not eat if they sense danger. If our minds sense danger, like stress or anxiety, it will look for ways to feel 'safe'. Usually in the form of food. Feel good foods are called that because they release a hormone in the gut called Serotonin. So it stands to reason that if you find yourself under emotional attack that you would likely be prone to munching on things that feel good to your soul. Savory, sweets, salty, and ladened with fats. In order to break the snack cycle it's important to recognize the trigger of snacking in the first place. Once you have an awareness, you will be far better equipped to handle it without a snack and perhaps with practice, head it off before the snacking becomes a binge effect. When you see the trigger for what it is, you can pause and choose~ will you self soothe and self medicate with food, knowing it will only be a temporary fix, or could you start to unpack the root issue? If you choose the second, may I be the first to give you the biggest high five, hug and pat of the back? This is huge, truly. The next time you find yourself "trigger" and sense the need to snack, would you take a moment to pause? There is such power in the pause. Before even opening the cabinet, simply pause. Ask yourself, why am I reaching for this? The first thought that leaps to mind is the reason, or trigger. Then ask yourself another question~ "why am I being triggered by this?" By now you have given yourself a few minutes to start thinking, pondering and even processing something that before was manifesting as a need to eat and now we getting down to the nitty gritty. As you search for the answer, step away from the cabinet and grab your journal. Start to process the thoughts by brain dumping. In other words, write out everything that is in your mind to the point of exhaustion, until you cannot write anymore. After you have brain dumped, look at what you wrote. Be objective, can we flip the thinking? How can you turn your thoughts, situation, or mindset into a positive outcome? ***side note***If there is a lifetime of trauma and hurt buried, your mind and body will only allow you to unpack what it is ready for. Use your essential oil Cedarwood to start the process of rewriting how you see the situations or event or mindset. Start jotting down some truths you know are true or ones you'd like to see become truth in your life. Breaking the cycle of snacking is not only good for your waistline, it will help uproot old mind messes that no longer serve you anyway. After you have journaled, written truths, and applied your oils, make yourself a cup of tea or perhaps a cup of steamed oat milk, with a drizzle of honey. Rewarding yourself with a tasty something is important so your mind can connect with the fact that your stomach isn't being deprived. You will start to equate feeling good with journaling and essential oils and a warm beverage rather than a salty, crunchy and savory treat. Along the way you will find the cycle didn't start overnight and it won't break overnight. We have a course designed to help uproot deeper wounds that are painful and challenging to remove on your own. Apply here is the season for your healing has come.

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