Toxic Substances and Pets

Toxic seems to be a word thrown around without much thought these days. Similar to the word ‘mindful’ or ‘hack’, the word seems to be a bit tired and the meaning not full understood. In the cases I’ve seen recently, toxic is used in a general reaction sense. In many cases we’re not discussing a chemical like bleach, but natural substances like herbs or essential oils. It hurts my brain to use the word ‘toxic’ and ‘oils’ in the same sentence, yet there it is. False as it is, the sentences are popping up in my social media circles. In cases of herbs and essential oils it depends on the subject and the dosage. Subjects being cats and dogs in most cases. It’s like this-Chocolate won’t kill a human, but it can kill a dog, because different things are toxic to different species. Also, the dosage of cyanide in an apple seed won’t kill you, but a capsule of it will. So yes, in cats we must use caution on account of their little liver does not contain a lot of metabolizing enzymes so processing certain substances is a challenge. Not impossible, I said a challenge. In dogs, we have a bit more leeway, yet as with children we use a bit of caution because they’re smaller. Unless you have a fat lab like we do and, well. Never mind. Another point to bare in mind, what’s in the essential oil? Just because it says 100% does not make it so. Companies lie. It doesn’t say “Church of _____”. Where was it grown? How was it distilled? Is there lead in the soil where it was harvested? It’s imperative you know this when you are using oils, herbs and tinctures for medicinal purposes for small critters. I hate to break it to you, but natural products bought at the Walmart are not up to par. Cost effective? Yes. Healing? Not a chance. Remember this- one of the main functions of an essential oil is to assist the body, any body, in detoxing. If the body, any body, is loaded with chemical toxins because of household cleaners, perfumes, laundry soaps, or air fresheners, that body will most likely have an unpleasant response when paired with a life giving tool, like essential oils. Rather that vilify and tool designed by our God, be sure you understand the tool and how it responds in conjunction with ALL factors involved.

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