Three Essential Tips to Transition to Working From Home

Life as we know it now is very different, and frankly, changing every single day. Sometimes every hour, if I'm honest. And yet, we are still working, needing to school our children and try to create some sense of normalcy. In order to have that last bit be in place, we must pause and recognize the one piece many of us are ignoring. THIS IS ALL VERY DIFFERENT There. I said what nobody else wants to admit. Once we acknowledge that life is different and we stop trying to make it the same, we will be able to better move forward and thrive in this process. Everything is different and yet everything is the same. You have to work~ that is the same. You cannot go to a work space~ that is different. Children need to be educated~ that is the same. Children all need to be educated from home~ that is different. We all require food to eat~ that is the same. We all are required to get our food in small amounts at different times~ that is different. Once we see it for what it is, stop trying to make life normal, and embrace the change and the good that is in the change, we will be able to transition more smoothly. Here are three tips that will help you transition in the most smooth manner and help everyone in your home thrive! 1. Create a quiet space. Search out in your home a sacred space, one that is designated for only quiet times and silent working. Everyone needs this type of space, by the way. Even the most exuberant of extravert needs that sacred respite away from others every once in awhile. In the most tiniest homes, this is possible. The amount of space is insignificant, but more that there is this space, this is the key. A quiet closet, a desk turned away from the rest of the room, perhaps a chair with a cozy blanket draped and a nearby lamp, signaling to everyone in need, this is the space to come when you need a rest from others. If everyone in the home is aware if this area, then those who seek it out will be protected in their space. You'll find introverts being recharged in no time if they are allowed to think and "be" in this area. 2. Create a community area. Now this is my kind of area! A common working environment, where we are all indeed working, but in the same room, perhaps bantering ideas back and forth and then going on quietly with my own work. A community area might be a dining room table, a previous single occupancy home office that now has extra guests for the time being. This space may also include some soft jazz or classical music playing in the background. If you are home schooling your children now, use this area to influence then in the things of the arts with composers such as Antonin Dvorak or Frédéric Chopin. Studies show that music such as these composers created raises your vibrational frequency, allowing a much better mood to permeate the home. What would your work begin to look like if you were able to set the mood, so to speak, with music and essential oils diffusing. You just might find your creativity soaring to a new level. 3.Create a common are. And finally, the space everyone will love as a collective, the common area. This area usually ends up being our kitchen, try as I might to have it be a cozier place like the living room. There is just something about the kitchen that everyone tends to gather in. But for your new home office, offer a space where people can be a little louder, laugh a little, munch on some nourishing foods and just let loose. This area would be the water cooler or break room of a typical office. In this space, have a white board or Post-It notes handy so as to encourage writing inspirational quotes, or positive affirmations to one another. As people are gathered, eating, imagine how life giving it will be for them to read these words. With all of these ideas, the key to wrap it all in a bow is be flexible and allow for frustrations and unusual emotions about the whole thing. Life is different, and different people process life differently. Respect one another and we will all thrive in this time. Be well my friends!

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