The Part Where We Altered Eating Habits

When desperately praying for God to heal your child, it's critical for you to be open to what the Holy Spirit will put in your path. You have to shut out all the noise and nonsense surrounding you. The Holy Spirit has a long history of making conventionally wise humans extremely uncomfortable and so if you want His leading, you might find yourself making others uncomfortable with your decisions~ especially where your children are concerned. I had well meaning friends remind me that it's ok every once in awhile to let my son have sugar or 'treats'. I wish I had had a backbone strong enough to stand up to them and say "NO!" After all, I was the one who had prayed wasn't I? And it was me who had to go to bed at night knowing I left it all on the table in regards to my son's health. If I could turn back the clock, I would go to those moments where I felt stupid and small and naive for believing that nutrition mattered, and I would say with the courage I have now, "this is THE way. It's the ONLY way for us." If you find yourself in a situation now that you or well meaning friends are questioning your choices, if you have prayed about it, trust that you heard right. Trust. When we went home from the doctor visit where he said "fruits and veggies can't hurt", I was determined to find an answer. I knew that I knew that I knew food was a cure. Somewhere I had heard a statement a guy thousands of years before said~ "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Food as medicine. What an idea! The very thing he Lord gave us to eat can also heal. Funny enough, years before Socrates, a prophet name Ezekiel said this, "The fruit will be for food and the leaves for healing." That is Ezekiel 47:12. If scripture isn't your total authority I understand how this would seem a bit far fetched. So with this in mind, I had to believe God had a better way. A way that was much better than nuking my son's tiny frame. Food. But specifically what? Thank God that my old friend Google was a thing by then because I googled my heart out and within 48 hours I found article after article that sited so many things with this in mind~ food as medicine and leaves for healing. Leaves being herbs and essential oils. It is crazy how many resources I was able to find. Some were just people trying to make a living selling their products, so I didn't read those as much, not because I thought they were lying but because I wanted someone completely unbiased. In 2009 that was not hard to find. Barely anyone sold essential oils or herbal tinctures. Articles by groups such as the Skin Cancer Foundation were helpful, this one, though so much more recent than what I was able to find, has a plethora of information on how to prevent skin cancer in the first place. If you take that and run with it, adding even more than what they say, you not only prevent but now you get into the territory of treating it. I had come across other materials that suggested creating an alkaline environment could make it harder for disease to survive. That was nine years ago now the Google won't back that up because "there is not enough scientific research to prove it". Other sources note that there simply isn't a correlation between and alkaline diet and acidic. Except here is the point I have come to- if you eat more 'alkaline' foods, those are also antioxidant foods, foods that are by nature healing. So by default, the body would be healthier by eating these foods. I find when we start getting into the territory of recommending something that may also have a something attached to it, i.e. alkaline water, and so we then recommend Essentia Water, it gets a little sticky. When a company stands to benefit financially from selling a product to a person who has a condition, everyone starts calling foul. And yet... we pay doctors/pharmaceuticals thousands to "practice" on us. Odd... Never the less, we bought Essentia water and had him drink it daily. It didn't hurt that's for sure. We found a documentary that was fascinating and I thought the practices were radical though it opened my eyes to the benefits of juicing, so we purchased a juicer and paid our son $1 per juice he was willing to drink. Seeing as that would become costly and needing to put actual nutrients into his cells, we found the green smoothie girl. I must have stumbled on her site and purchased her book at Barnes and Noble or something. I soon realized we would need a Vitamix blender... Let's pause there shall we? At that time, we were broke. I mean, we ate well, clothed just fine and had a great big beautiful home but we had zero in the bank left over, much less anything to speak of in terms of $500 for a blender! This is where my money mindset was severely tested. And my prayer life got a whole lot more interesting. It's been said that people will pay for what they want. Turns out, we found he money real quick to get our much wanted blender. This is where I don't get on my soapbox about knowing your worth, about God wanting only the absolute best for His children. Beyond the weird juicing and smoothies and alkaline foods, we simply removed sugar and processed anything. He cried in the market one day because we had changed his diet so much. Still be a cruddy mom, I yelled at him and said, "you could die!" Not my finer moment. People want a cure for cancer but are unwilling to change what they eat. We emotionalize with food, case in point~ my son crying because we no longer ate boxed cookies and hot dogs. It is my belief that if we chose to eat the way our God set up, eat the foods He has for us, then cancer rates would be severely reduced. Personally, I would go so far as to say we could cure cancer forever if we would change what we ate, how we cleaned and most importantly, how we dealt with emotions. As you'll see, we most certainly did just that.

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