Thank you Dr. King

But what matters?
How do we know if something truly matters?
Look at the very heart of our God. Does it matter to Him? Is it something that breaks His heart? Then it absolutely matters. Each one of us is called, compelled even, to speak up and speak out, about something that our God feels “matters”. For me, I cannot stay silent when I see or hear of a family in emotional turmoil, feeling they have no hope of ever having peace within their walls.
I cannot stay silent when I see someone view my God through the lens of their hurt. The hurt caused by some horrific act by a human.
I cannot stay silent until I see people, all people who called themselves a people of God, walk in the FREEDOM and VICTORY He’s already given them.
What is it for you? What have you been called to not keep silent about? Jesus gave us all a ministry of reconciliation. Martin Luther King Jr. followed in His footsteps to pave the way for ALL people to speak up and out. What’s your dream?

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