Teen Mental Health

School has been in session all of one month and there are already a staggering number of teens in crisis. Some have chosen the unspeakable. In the essential oil community we have the power to help. "But how?", you ask. We speak truth. We teach them valuable skills like trigger response, anger management utilizing the power and effectiveness of essential oils. There are a number of people using essential oils that would love to do something but do not know where to start or what to even say. Start with truth. Seek to understand why these children feel in mental crisis. Teach them how to breathe, how to pause and how to breathe in essential oils in a way that will help their brain and minds. These little drops of gold that we hold in our hands have the ability to clear their thoughts and help them feel peace emotionally in ways they may not otherwise have. In recent months our community has gathered at our home for various fundraisers and of course, we share oils. It's what we do, it' a huge part of us. Can I tell you the experience each of them had was nothing short of miraculous. Have you ever shared an essential oil with someone who has never inhaled the pure goodness of a Young Living Lavender? It's truly remarkable. On one occasion a woman was having an allergic reaction, an itch of some sort. We knew she was stressed and likely it was hives. After inhaling Frankincense and Stress Away individually with deep cleansing breaths, the itch stopped. And never returned. Simply sharing what we have. If it works, wonderful! If it doesn't, no one injured in that sharing moment. My point? The rate for teen age children (ages 12–17) has risen 63 percent since 2013—47 percent for boys and 65 percent for girls. Essentially oils have been proven to reduce depression and anxiety. Why wouldn't we want to share if we had the chance. If you know a child in this age category, why not open the conversation in a safe way. Ask if their peers struggle with anxiety. They will likely talk to you more about their peers than they will themselves. Ask if you can help them have an essential oil experience and then share Lavender, Stress Away or even Frankincense with them. Having them experience the oils may encourage them to speak with their peers. Oh, and you may just want to create a TikTok account. :-) There is a huge opportunity to reach out to hurting teens. We have something they need. Let's lock arms together and create a movement where next year we read the statistics for depression have decrease rather than increased.

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