Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent fear of one or more social or performance situations where the person is exposed to unfamiliar people or to possible scrutiny by others. The individual fears that he or she will act in a way that will be embarrassing and humiliating. As challenging as that sounds, imagine coping through a typical work day, being asked to present in front of strangers, all the while, dealing with social anxiety. While many people struggle, there is little taught to people suffering about how to overcome social anxiety. It seems as though many are given medicine, maybe a few techniques, that at best get them through a particularly triggering situations. What needs to happen in our society is we need to understand the reasons behind social anxiety. There are in fact, two reasons~ 1-Social anxiety from a particularly traumatic and/or embarrassing event. This creates a fear of "what if it happens again". 2-A chemical in the body that creates an overactive amygdala, heightening the fear response. Neither of these two factors are life sentences. In fact with proper training, they can be overcome and in many cases eradicated from the person's life. Social anxiety that is triggered from a traumatic or embarrassing event can be overcome by removing the memory of that event. We do this by utilizing essential oils to replace the negative or traumatic memory and then using a different essential oil to replace the negative with a positive future memory. Could be a past memory of a time when the person made a presentation and it went well, or perhaps a future memory that they would like to see happen. Essential oils are powerful in this aspect because it's through our sense of smell that memories are stored and removed. Our limbic system, the emotion brain, can be accessed by our sense of smell. Hence when you smell an essential oil, it has the power within seconds to remove and replace memories. Social anxiety that is triggered by a chemical in the body that is causing an overactive amygdala can also be changed by using essential oils, however the technique and essential oil will look quite different. In this case you have a heightened fear response so there is a need to quiet that response in unnecessary situations. A person with social anxiety would want to use an essential oil blend like Stress Away in order to calm and soothe that overactive amygdala. The oils in Stress Away are incredibly powerful in reducing our stress response. Oils like, lavender, cedar wood, lime and vanilla all create a beautiful blend that sedates the mind in order for it to release the right chemicals at the right time. Social anxiety is rough, but it isn't a life sentence. It doesn't have to define who you are or how you move through your day. There is hope to heal and thrive through your life.

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