Peace Like A River

My super power is thinking and dreaming. I get all the things done once I’ve had space in my day to THINK. Anyone feel me? With 6 other humans living with me, the ability to use my super power is greatly diminished. Those people find me everywhere. Especially in our new home. There’s no where to hide.
Today in fact, while tying to read an article about having PEACE, these people interrupted no less than 10 times. The irony. I post a lot and teach a lot about emotions. One would think I always have peace like a river no matter my circumstance.
Turns out, I’m still in practice. Anyone else? When peace like a river escapes me because I haven’t had space to think, sometimes I lose my schmidt. Not outwardly. But inside. I can feel my BP⬆️⬆️. Yea, I know. Love, joy, peace, patience- blah blah blah. In our heads we know this. But how do we walk it out?
One word- Grounding.
It’s not as hippy dippy as you’d think.
It’s biblical. How many times does Ephesians 6 say to STAND? Being rooted and grounded keeps us from toppling over and losing our proverbial schmidt my friends. Right now- go put your bare feet in the ground, outside. Releasing those positive ions you’ve accumulated from that phone you’re reading this on is more powerful that you think. Connecting to the ground God made starts the rioting and grounding process.
Can’t get outside? Grab your tree essential oils- Cedarwood, Northern Lights, or my fav, Frankincense and rub it on your feet. Stand up and breathe it in from your toes. Crap’s gonna come. People are gonna keep you from using your super powers. You’ve got to have tools in place to keep your peace and walk in it.
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