Patience Please

"You lack so much patience." "You shouldn't be so impatient!" "You know God works slower than your timing, have patience!" Have you ever been told something like this, or similar? I have. Countless times. In a way that makes me want to throat punch the person saying it to me. Except, I wouldn't punch my mom, but it did want to make me shake my fist at her. When people would say this it would hurt and cut in a place that I knew wasn't a conviction of the Lord, but not being a bible scholar or some seminary grad I really didn't have the words to refute their chastising. So I stood their and listened to the harsh words of ridicule. The best was when I had such an intense longing to move to this city, a longing to be with these people like I felt when I left my daughter in the NICU for 31 days. There is a goal I have asked the Lord for for over three years. It was a goal He laid on my heart and now I am so passionate about this goal it's all I can think about. Once this goal is achieved I am free to cultivate into a bigger platform for the message I have to share with the nations. Many have said, be content where you are, appreciate it. Also, throat punch. To assume I do not appreciate the journey or the platform I have now is asinine. It's simply not true. I have exhausted all my avenues and am ready to open other doors. "Be patient, God's timing isn't your timing." Oh, wow. Thanks captain obvious. That imperative, 'be patient' is so rude and not life giving when we say it to one another, especially to fellow believers in our Jesus. Also, it's a false understanding of who God is and what your power is when you have the Spirit of the Living God residing in you. You see, when you come to faith in Christ you obtain the Holy Spirit. You receive the mind of Christ, you have an understanding that would rival Solomon. (Hebrews 8 tells us we have a much better ministry and covenant and better promises) You inherit power, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living in you. So when we tell one another, you lack patience, we are calling God a liar. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. All you overeaters out there, listen up, turns out you actually do have self control... Did you see, patience. It's right there. The fruit, meaning the result of knowing Christ is all of this. If you choose to reject those then I dare wonder where you stand with our Jesus. When someone who is goal oriented and driven says something like, "oh this is taking so long!" It's not a manifestation of a lack of patience. It's a cry of the heart, a pray of "come on God, please fulfill Your promise soon!" The last verse in the bible says, "come Lord Jesus!" Is John impatient? Of course not! He too had the Spirit with it's fruit. John had a longing for something great to happen. I too have an intense longing for something great to happen. But simply asking when will it come does not mean I lack patience. Quite the opposite. If I lacked patience, I would be divorced. If I lacked patience, I would not be home schooling for these past ten years. If I lacked patience, I would not be working in the business I am. If I lacked patience, I would not be living in Massachusetts. Someone who lacks patience gives up and does not pursue to the end. Patience lackers are those who jump from job to job, marriage to marriage, curriculum to curriculum. Not someone who bites down and hangs in no matter how long it takes. Asking our God how long is not a lack of faith. It's a cry of the heart to our Heavenly Father of when we get to have the most exciting thing He has been promising.

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