June~ Men's Mental Health

You think there’s a stigma for women and anxiety and depression? Try being a man in this culture dealing with stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. “I’ve learned to deal with it.”
“I don’t want to burden anyone.”
“I’m too embarrassed.”
“I don’t want to appear weak.”
“I have no one to talk to.”
These are just a few reasons why men don’t talk about it. I spend half my days educating anyone who will listen on emotional health and freedom. I spend the other half opening uncomfortable conversations like this. I know first hand what it’s like to be married to someone who deals with mental health issues, silently.
Maybe he’s not an introvert, maybe he’s been hurt.
Maybe he’s not just a quiet guy, maybe he’s in a dark place. June is Men’s Mental Health Month.
We’re going to be having some conversations about this.

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