Melanoma Awareness Month. Ready to learn? Think with me for a moment~ can you imagine being immune to diseases? The definition of immune is, "protected or exempt, not affected or influenced by something, resistant to a particular infection or toxin". Funny isn't it? We have an "immune system" built in to our bodies. A protected or exempt, not affected or influenced by something, resistant to a particular infection or toxin system... When people first hear that I am plant based/vegan, their immediate follow up is 1001 reason why they themselves are not, could never be, and my favorite, shouldn't be, a plant based eater. You'll note I never asked them... If you and I have talked in person, you did this. It's ok, I see you. Food is emotional. Taste. Comfort. Chewing. All of it, emotional. I get it. But deep down, everyone is looking for that magic elixir to a long and healthy life. And still, when presented with options and choices, pertaining to the taste buds, many balk. Yet, I have invested the better part of 10 years researching reversing cancer, preventing it and even ways to cure it, and the one thing, the magic elixir I keep coming back to is food. Specific foods. High in nutrients, low in calories. High in minerals, devoid of unnecessary fat and grease. By now it should be so apparent that food, emotional health and your environment are the trifectas to longevity. But maybe you're not one to remove every unhealthy food, thought, and toxin from your space and replace it today with only perfection of plants and purity of thought. May I be the one to assuage your fears and tell you, that is ok? Easy plus one, dear friends, easy plus one. I stole this from our homeschool, ps, and let me tell you, easy plus one, it's a game changer in every way. Easy plus one is simple this~ do what is currently easy for you, and add one thing that seems a challenge. i.e. add in a double portion of salad to tonight's meal, until it becomes your easy. Then move on to the next. See how that works? I'm not going to tell you what your easy plus one should be, that has gotten e into trouble in past conversations. You already know anyway. What I will do is give you a list of things to choose from, then you decide~ Spinach, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, blackberries and wolfberries. Seriously, add these to your day in a generous helping and you will notice some cool things. It's worth noting that 10 years ago my son was diagnosed with the worst cancer known. One that is aggressive, hell bent on returning with gusto. And yet, never again did it darken our door. Not only that, our family has only increase in exceptional health, vitality and strength. Not only are we aware of melanoma, we are aware of how to never hear from it again. Wouldn't it be incredible to know that your immune system is doing exactly what it was designed to do, be immune to anything? The choice is yours, all you have to do is make up your mind.

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