Holistic vs Allopathic

why we need to understand... Growing up it was- chemicals to clean, antibiotics to heal, doctor visits for both sick and well check ups. Eating your vegetables was tolerated, as a chore, but never looked forward to. And as I got older, eating vegetables was eye rolled at, something rabbits and weirdos eat. Intuitively I knew I wanted better for my children, not that my mom did anything wrong, it was what we all knew and did. It was acceptable, how life is done. Then my kid got cancer. And the gloves came off. Allopathic medicine is simply a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by using remedies (such as drugs or surgery) which produce effects that are different from or incompatible with those of the disease being treated. -Webster Dictionary It specifically targets a disease or condition, treating that specific thing. Holistic medicine is the idea that things should be studied as a whole and not just as a sum of their parts. In other words, look at the disease or condition, and ask the deeper questions, "What's causing this? How is the diet, Are there emotional stressors at play?" and then proceed with the whole person in mind, rather than a symptom. For me, I needed to heal my son, but I needed to understand why he got cancer in the first place. I needed to know if I could possibly cure this using methods I suspected. Let me tell you, talk about walk out in faith with your most cherished treasure. If it didn't work, it would cost me everything. So why do we are need to understand this? Because you have all at least dabbled into the idea of Holistic medicine as you began utilizing essential oils. Every oil you use is a chemical you have chosen to not ingest or spray. It's important to learn and understand how holistic healing works. i.e. allopathic is a take this every 4-6 hours and call me in the morning. Holistic requires a more diligent and thoughtful approach- i.e. apply Peppermint, wait 2-3 minutes and assess. Possibly apply Wintergreen, Pan Away or CBD muscle rub. See the difference? This is why we educate here, share our resource materials, and encourage self research. Extra vigilance is a must when taking a holistic approach. We have begun to create space here so that should you choose to continue to dive in deeper into the holistic path, you will be well equipped for any and all circumstances. As always, I'm right here should you need a little extra guidance. And as always, I am grateful that each of you have joined me on this path. Whether you are still looking at holistic as a possibility yet haven't opened your box, or you've dabbled in the holistic yet still partake of the allopathic, or you are fully drenched in oils, herbs and supplements and never looking back~ we are here to serve each one of you.

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