Healing Happens

Today my Eden saved my Roman’s life. That may be a stretch, but he was in a bit over his head in the water and Eden dove in, clothes and all to save his wrinkle butt.
The back story and why this makes my heart happy is my Eden wasn’t always delightful.
We fought. A lot.
There was trauma.
There was anger.
There were some big feelings. Having not one, but two siblings who had life threatening medical crisis left my absolutely perfectly normal baby girl to be overlooked. Many parents chalk it up to typical teenage angst. Except, that’s not a thing. All children, if they’re acting out, have some unresolved/unheard issue. Please hear me- it’s not just their hormones. Don’t blow it off. Through many a series of emotional releasing, breathing in the emotionally healing oils God designed for just this thing-my Eden is a kind, gentle, and extremely powerful young woman. Her diving in to rescue my dog, a dog she really doesn’t like, is truly a work of our ever healing God. He’s in the business of reconciliation and restoring relationships.
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