Fix Your Eyes

Yesterday I had the privilege of touring another school with my Zion. While the lecturer droned on, I wandered out to have a look at the Charles. Because oh my head, Boston in the Fall is ridiculous. 🍁🍂 It hit me. 😳This time next year my boy will be in college. And rather than have the expected tears, I was filled with so much joy. And a little bit of jealousy I don’t mind telling you. 😏 Parents of young adults, are you overjoyed by your people heading out into the world? Maybe you’re like me and you wonder, “did I teach them#allthethings? Will they be safe?” Then I remember this big huge powerful all knowing God I cling to daily. He reminds me, this man, he’s not really mine. He’s a gift, on loan, to steward and raise with the best wisdom I have at the time. This same God I released this same boy to 8 years ago, when I had zero choice before surgeries. I undoubtedly will look back next Fall and think of things I would have loved to have done differently. But then if I did them differently, my son would have turned out differently, you know? And he’s kind of amazing. Guys if you’re walking through this same journey of preparing to launch one of your people, can we just encourage each other to fix our eyes on our God. The Author and Perfector of our children’s faith? Let’s not get bogged down in shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. Fix your eyes straight ahead dear friends.

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