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When you wake up you should feel there is no choice but to get up and do what you do. Not for the reason of needing to get the bills paid, but for the reason of you absolutely, 100 % love what you do, you are passionate about making a difference and there is nothing in this world you would rather be doing right now than that. If you can say that you are in the gross minority. People will sacrifice gifts and talents for a bigger bank account. They sacrifice dreams and ambitions to pay the rent. What people fail to understand is that in order to thrive and not simply survive this life is you must pursue what you were designed to do. But that takes the guts to find out what that is. To let go of parental paradigms and follow your human design. Which frankly is not the same as your parents. It is ludicrous to think you must follow someone else’s path just because they raised you. Perhaps you are talented to go into the field your mother dreamed for you, but do you want to? Is that what you were designed to do? As you are on the lookout to connect with other individuals in your field, ask yourself this question, “Is this what I was designed to do?”

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