Create a Movement of Change

Back to school means absolutely nothing to about 75% of the world’s population. And yet, it’s all we hear about from now til after Labor Day. It’s actually an awareness everyone should have for their physical health.
Let me to explain~
When children head back to school, they’re in a room with 25-40 of their friends, sharing all manner of things. They bring those shared experiences into the rest of the public so when we all go out, we may encounter their experiences. At this point our body has two choices-
1) treat the experience as a non issue, because its defense system is so high that nothing can touch it. Much like a gnat buzzing around an African Elephant.
2) treat the experience as a foreign invader, respond in full assault yet being completely under equipped, and then falling fully into that shared experience. What if as a community we strengthened everyone’s immune system? What if we created a movement of health within our own circles? What if Back to School truly meant back to school for a quarter of the population and the only effects we felt was a heavier commute?

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