Can't Handle It

There’s something I learned while walking through incredible grief and pain.
As believers in Jesus, we’re giving each other terrible counsel.
We tell each other, “God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle.” Stop telling people that. It’s not even biblical. It sounds lovely. Like a cool cat poster platitude.
Except not to the person who’s going through it. When you’re walking in a season of freaking hard, beyond imagination, the point isn’t to put your big kid pants on and handle it. The point is to crawl into your Saviors lap and cry your eyes out and say I can’t. And let Him.
Let Him lift you up.
Let Him give you strength for today. Let Him bring peace to your weary soul. If you’re in a season, my friend can I encourage you to stop trying to get through on your own. It’ll just frustrate the hell out of you and make you feel even worse. On your own you simply can’t handle it. You need Someone to bare your griefs, to give you what you need to thrive. And if you’re watching someone walk in a crappy season, don’t throw out unbiblical cat poster advice.🤐Cry with them. Tell them it sucks and just pray. 🙏🏼

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