By Your Love

I hesitate.
I often hesitate to tell people I’m a Christian, in fact, I rarely use that word because in many circles it’s akin to profanity. I’m not ashamed of my faith, of my relationship with my Jesus or of where I put all of my hope and trust. I’m not hesitant to share why we are richly blessed. I’m ashamed of the people they’ve met before me that have made my faith be something foul and distasteful. Something where, when they first hear the name, Jesus, they associate it with judgement and ugliness. I’m embarrassed to be associated with protests and picketing.
If that was something my Jesus did, then yes, you’d see me first in line. I wish I didn't care what anyone thought, that I would confidently be true and loving and kind and assume my new friend would see that first. Jesus was silent before His accusers. He didn’t protest. Jesus said He didn’t come to judge the world but to save it, to bring life. I’m not sure where in history that went astray- where we as believers in Jesus we felt it appropriate to argue, to fight, to shame others for things we ourselves have done.
When I meet someone new, I hope I can share my Jesus with them simply by my life, my love, my grace. After all, isn’t that the greatest commandment of all?

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