Break the Stigma

There’s such a weird stigma for guys and mental health. It seems that part of it comes attached with man bashing. You know, women sitting around talking trash about their husbands over Merlot.
Listen, I’ve know some women who had husbands who were unspeakably evil. Horrific men, that well, let’s just leave it there.
I’ve also known women who were just as evil.
I’m not talking about those guys. I’m talking about guys like this- “For years, McSorley has battled alcoholism and depression. And now, as the plaintiff in one of the lawsuits against Geoghan, McSorley is bitter. “To find out later that the Catholic Church knew he was a child molester - every day it bothers me more and more,” McSorley says.” See, in 2002, the Boston Globe released a news article opening a flood gate of priests who had molested children... for over 30 years.
Those children grew up.
After that article was released, hundreds more came forward, totaling over 3,000 over those decades.
Since then, men and women have come forward accusing others of this sinister act in other places, churches, politics, schools.
Those grown up people still hurt, silently. There is shame attached to breaking the silence. There’s shame attached to being a guy saying “I’m depressed and bitter”.
Many choose an alternative I’m not willing to type out here.
Many are on antidepressants just to survive another day.
All because of some evil human. So I says to my family- “these people need us! They need someone to walk alongside them and say ‘yea that’s bullshit, and we’re so sorry you endured that’.”
So here we are. Opening conversations. Sharing life, healing and hope on this side of abuse. What we do certainly will not change what happened. What it does is allows healing to take place, to give them a voice and show them how to move forward. Hear me- there’s a special place in hell for people who abuse children. I do believe Jesus had some harsh words on that.
And I also know, there’s hope for men who’ve been victimized.
Ladies, it’s not just us. ❤️❤️
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