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WooWoo Name or Working Wonder?

Essential Oils... From any company can have odd connotations, agreed? And if you were formerly a skeptic, like yours truly, then it can be a little hard to get past names like Inner Child or Into The Future. (Two of my absolute favorites now by the way)

Let's be real.

Young Living oils have some strange names. Or, at least to those of us who didn't grow up using essential oils and herbs but rather I bowed down at the alter of big pharma. Sadly, essential oils get a bad enough rap, I feel like the names could have been toned down a bit, perhaps be a little more "seeker friendly"?

Yet, in the case of Young Living, they truly did not care to seek out my opinion or the opinion of every other skeptic in the world on how to increase to user friendliness of the names of oil blends. Six million members and counting, yep, I think the names are working just fine.

But when you finally get past the names, and apply Abundance to your life by adding to your diffuser in your work space, dropping a little on your debit card like a lucky charm- do you actually receive more abundance? Think about what I just asked for a moment.

Do you have and pour out more Forgiveness now that you use Forgiveness essential oil blend? What about Highest Potential? Are you walking in the most and absolute Highest Potential as you were created to do? If your answer is anything other than a resounding "YOU BETCHA!", then I have a word for you.

I have used essential oils and many people, myself included, use them like a magic eight ball. Drop the oil on and go about our daily lives not giving a single thought to what I just applied.

The oils work on your mind, friend, so you do, or rather choose to do, Abundant activities. You work on your character so that your are more forgiving by nature, why? Because the essential oil molecules have dusted off the negative neurons that carved out unforgiveness and made way for YOU to walk in that forgiving manner.

You simply cannot use oils like Abundance, Forgiveness, or Highest Potential and not do abundant, forgiving or max potential actions.

It's like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.

When you use an oil, weirdly named or not, and expect to heal from anything, it's imperative you walk in such a way as to reflect that healing.

  • Take Abundance for example- if you're expecting a harvest of cash let's say- then give some away, sow a seed into an area you yourself would like to prosper in or you'd like to see prosper. For example- I enjoy feeding my children high quality foods, so I sow seeds into an organization called Feed My Starving Children. It reminds first of all how grateful I am to live in a nation that my children never ever will go hungry, and fulfills God's law of sowing and reaping. Turns out, even in our leanest times, my children eat better than King Solomon.

  • Forgiveness, do forgiving things. Think forgiving thoughts in small ways so that when you need to forgive a bigger offense, it literally rolls off your lips like oil. You see, we use these oils to clear out the physical and/or emotional junk in our neuropathways.

Once clear, we replace them with good and positive habits and thoughts. Leaving it blank only invites more negative. Our brain doesn't know any better until we engage the conscious mind and cause the positive to take root.

Pretty soon, Abundant, Forgiving and High Potential thoughts become our norm and guess what- we see it manifested in our lives in a tangible way.

What's an essential oil with a name of something you want to see more of in your life? Pour it out on others and walk in that vein. Also, if you're one who shares the oils with friends and family be a little more seeker sensitive. Try to shove Present Time in their faces to start off with- go with a soft and unassuming oil like Lemon or Peppermint. Ease them in and I can promise, they'll find their way down the path of Abundance.

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