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Being in relentless pursuit means not being easy or slacking, maintaining speed. It can also mean strict.

When considering adding any sort of supplement, essential oils, or, goodness, water to your regime, know that a level of strictness may need to occur. Whether that is finding the space in your day to drink it, the space in your budget to afford it or simply, the space to consider and believe the need for it all exists.

Know that every other goal you have set, ever, requires your wellness, and to a huge extent, a relentlessness.

If you want to be the best parent, doesn't it require you optimal wellness?

If you want to be the best spouse, doesn't that require your optimal wellness?

If you want to be best in your field of industry, doesn't that also demand your optimal wellness?

If you want to do the tasks that God has prepared long in advance for you, your purpose, mission and calling, well, doesn't that too require you to be at your most optimal wellness?

If being in the most optimal wellness throughout your life is not a number one priority, have you asked yourself why?

If you neglect asking pointed and tough questions, you'll likely fall into the trap of horking down a shake and starting a completely unrealistic program.

Before beginning any sort of wellness regime, ask the question, why?

Begin in your mind. So goes the mind, so goes the body. It's simple biology, really. Why is your actual being - your only mode of function in this life - not your top priority?


I hear your answers, dear friend.

When the kids are back in school.
When the kids are out of school.
When I can fit it into my budget.
When I pay off this.
When I start that new job.
When I quit my job.
When I find a mate.
When I find an accountability partner.

No, no and also, not likely. The only answer that is ever acceptable in making actual changes for the better is- when I get my mind in order.

For everyone the blocker in the mind may appear different. But in fact, it is not. Everyone who refuses to make optimal wellness their #1 priority does not feel and believe they are worth it. Now you may be arguing with me in your head saying things like, "no I'm just busy" or, lazy, or even self sabotage may come to your mind. The reality is, if you sit quietly with your thoughts, you simply do not feel you are worth the effort.

This is truth that ought to be considered. We make room for that which we deem of most importance.

The soccer, choir, and dance practices.

The PTA meetings.

The business venture.

The animal's needs. Ever hear the term, "horse poor"?

The house's needs. Again, "house poor" ever come up?


Maybe you're sitting there asking the now what question that leaps to mind after a startling realization. You may even feel the busyness rise up in your soul and you know, it's just distraction from the larger issue... Your mind needs some TLC and you, dear one, need to feel worthy of pursuing the most optimal wellness.



speaking life... always, in all ways

This is the most simplest ways to begin to feel the worthiness rise up- speak life.

Speaking life is truly the only way to heal, prosper and grow in strength. Yet, it is one of the most challenging for many. Especially those who were never taught to do so.

In order for you, for me, to be completely healed and restored, we must speak life into our cells. It's science. In order to commit to a new regime no matter what it consists of, we must deal with what is rolling around in our minds.

The root word for affirmation is the Latin word, Affirmare which means to STRENGTHEN, to MAKE STEADY. What lifting weights will do for our muscles, affirmations will do for our brain!

Affirmations are a form of autosuggestion. When practiced deliberately and repeatedly they reinforce chemical pathways in the brain, strengthening neural connections. They enforce those neurons that fire together and grow new pathways, making it easier for our brain to continue on a positive path toward our goals and intentions. Affirmations detox our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we begin to think in the way we were designed.



Cedarwood essential oil is going to be a powerhouse for you as you begin to speak life and indeed, consider yourself worthy of pursuing optimal wellness.

Cedarwood removes emotional blockers than prevent us from learning new things and new ideas.

Choose to inhale, pour it on, and/or diffuse it.

Journaling is a powerful exercise and writing out what you'd like to be true of you will empower you to make choices that align with your ideal health goals. Write in the present tense and say them in the present tense.

"I am _____" "I feel ____-" "I have ____."


Of course this is only the beginning. In order to make you a number one priority you will want to dig in and root out lies that you have believed over the years. Should you find yourself in need of a coach in this area, I'm only a phone call or email away.

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