Trapper Keeper Season

Rushing around, getting the right supplies, the right clothes, the right paint got the parking spots...

Have we invested in the right amount of emotional support in our back to schoolers? More than on school supplies and new clothes.

If you’re heading off to college are you emotionally equipped to handle changes and challenges?

Dream with me won’t you?

Imagine schools filled with emotionally sound children.






Children grounded and rooted in love and truth.

Yes. This can come from releasing trapped emotions in their hearts and minds.

Yes. It’s simple. For us, since Essential oil usage is like drinking water-we apply the Feelings Collection every night? Six beautiful oils designed to released trapped emotions and allow healing to begin.

They don’t have to talk about the bad days or rough times, the oils know. The oils will do the work. Little ones respond so simply to this approach.

Three drops of each of these oils at bedtime, layered one at a time, over the feet.

A little massage to soothe anxious hearts and minds.

Imagine a child’s morning after an incredible night’s sleep.

Imagine how strong and power they’ll feel heading in to their day.

Imagine safer and stronger children.


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