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Thyroid Talk

Basics First

In the Young Living community there has been a growing amount of chatter surrounding the Thyroid, how to care and support your thyroid and potential what to dos if the thyroid has tanked.

Over the year’s I’ve written scores of articles on simplistic ways to keep that thyroid in tip top shape. What I realize is apparent some did not take me seriously so it would seem folks are in a bad way not just with their thyroid but the endocrine system as a whole. Why people wait until a crisis diagnosis befalls them to do something stunningly beneficial with their health I will never understand.

It would appear the facts are these- disease and physical malfunctions begin and to some extent end in emotional health. My vegan marathon running husband who never truly dealt with his emotional pain, died of cancer, you can do the math on that one.

When he died, after waking up from grief and a ton of what the heck just happened, I realized that everything I knew, researched and subsequently believed about disease was true. I mean, God’s word says it, not sure why I was hesitant to draw my line in the sand and proclaim it, but in any case.

Back to the thyroid.

On an emotion front- the thyroid is right near the voice box, yes?

Ok so raise your hand if you were raised in a home where you heard this, “children are to be seen and not heard.”

That’s one small door to open up for a child to think and then believe for a lifetime that they are not to speak.

Ok, how about this one. Raise your hand if you had frequent throat infections, say strep, laryngitis, losing your voice or a simple scratchy throat.

Any throat anomaly points to an emotion stuck there and was not ever able to fully get out.

Extroverts like me have a huge challenge with this because we can be “too much” for introverts. Instead of listening to us, teaching people like us how to use our words appropriately, (time and place is truly key) and encourage those with big ideas to speak them out, extroverts can be shut down. Words stuffed down quickly turn to emotions stuffed down which create a toxicity of negative emotions just brewing in the throat area. If those are never dealt with and release what you have is a breakdown of the thyroid. This can manifest in a host of ugliness of disease.

Not being one to be a giant black rain cloud, I have hope to share.

Take this as your wake up call to deal with your potential stuffed emotions now. You don’t need to make a show of it, it’ll be between me and you.

This week I’ll be sharing some ways to start. It’ll be like learning how to drive, (my current sich with the middle). Just like you’d need to know how to turn a car on, we need to discern out to turn on the emotional radar to find what we would like and what we would not like.

So, for now, how about you begin you day with rolling Valor essential oil blend over the throat. This will increase the courage in your soul to let those negative emotions come pouring out.

Carve out space in your day, every day to jot down thoughts that come to you about “being able to speak your mind”. Also, keep any chatter regarding not wanting to journal to a zero. We wouldn’t have half the oils we do if Gary Young hadn’t kept a journal. My kids wouldn’t still be able to know the thoughts their father thought toward them if he didn’t journal. It’s imperative to write.

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