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There has been a war on your calling. If you are walking in all you were designed for, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the ones who either raised you or spoke blessing and life over you in order to see to it that you take the path beautifully carved out just for you. Soar on, dear friend!

For those who are not, and you know it, I have something for you as we close out our time studying healing our thyroid.

I spent 22 married to someone who never fully walked in all he was made for, though after marrying me, there certainly wasn't a question about what he was created for.

I'm a life speaker, can't help it. If I see some incredible potential in you I will tell you how amzing you are until you slap me in the face or quit talking to me. So when I saw my soon to be husband was an amazing artist, I told him I was more than willing to do the career thing, since I already had a thriving hair biz and he could pursue art! Cool right? That was a no go for him, it wasn't stable enough, husband like enough, what would his father say and so he found himself at a banking job for 16 years, until, they abruptly laid him off due to cut backs. Real stable job he had there. This wasn't the first opportunity Mark had, he had been accepted to a pretty prestigious art school in L.A. and his parents said they would not pay the tuition because “it wasn’t a real school”.

As humans we love to fix a seen physical problem by throwing meds, oils and supplements at the issues. We go on special diets and deprive ourselves of God given food and say "well the food isn't the way it use to be so no I'm intolerant". That's funny, because then why isn't the whole world intolerant? Could it be emotions that tear away at that area of the body and when it's not released certain conditions arise & consequently certain foods become more challenging? Something to ponder.

The thyroid is, in my not official research, the second biggest malfunction I see in the human body. The gut being the first. We'll discuss that next week.

As you have been putting into practice breathing, applying essential oils over your throat and then asking some key questions- now what?

Fair enough.

If I may, I'd like to invite you to take a few moments this weekend and really seek possibilities. I won't tell you exactly how to do it, but I will share with you what it looks like for me. You see, until I starting a Young Living business I knew a sum total of zero about callings, gifts and purpose. I just thought I was "lucky" to do something I loved as much as I loved cutting hair.

Now I know better. And now I do better.


I sit with my Frankincense and journal in hand and prayerfully think about things I am passionate about. Writing every single thing that leaps to mind, I consider how fun they would be. I have trained myself to not ponder the how it'll happen but the fun and excitement that is that thing. For example- I want horses. Most would say I don't have horse money. Don't care, I will have horses someday, that's just that. And so my girls and I dream of what we will do, we talk about what kind we want and of course, we name them because naming seals the deal. I write all this down, breathing my oils.


Breathing in your oils while dreaming and considering options rewrites the wiring in your brain. It helps form new positive thoughts while assisting you in removing negative beliefs that are not a part of your design. Maybe you would choose an essential oil blend such as Abundance so you bust through a poverty mindset that would keep you from pursuing something such a horse or starting up a new business. Or Believe, this is one I keep in my purse. I breathe it in while I'm at a stoplight, weirdly enough.

The body certainly keeps score and the thyroid is a little tattle tail. It reads our mail and shows the world something is not right in our emotion body. Brain fog, dry cracked feet, slow metabolism, sleepless nights, just to name a few. All of these and more point to a struggling thyroid. Much of the challenges with a thyroid begin with not walking in what the body intuitively knows it's meant to do. These last four days of writings are a roadmap to get you on your way.

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