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The Unlimited Power of Frequency

I for one, have a somewhat daily need of increased frequency these days, anyone else?

Frequency is talked about so often these days and we all could use a refresher on what this elusive thing is and what this actually is. When a quick jolt of good feelings, shake you out of your mind mess, type situation arises, this is the power of a high frequency.


Perhaps you’ve heard people say ‘high vibes’ or ‘good vibes’. Or you wear a catchy little t-shirt that says ‘good vibes only’. In my life I have zero time for antidotes and catchy sayings. I need hard, tangible, usable evidence.

As it is with much of good healing and excellent science practices, the idea of high frequency has become just another feather in pop culture's cap.

The hard, tangible and usable evidence is that high frequency can change your life and health.

Webster defines it this way:

the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.


With essential oils it’s the vibration of the molecules. Because essential oils harmonize perfectly with our organs, we use them to raise our cells’ frequency.

When our frequency is low- we feel down, i.e. depressed, frustrated or even sick.

When our frequency is high- we feel up, i.e. happy, joyful, positive about the future and full of health.

In even simpler terms- think of when you enter a room and it just ‘feels’ incredibly wonderful to be there. That’s a high frequency event or group of people.

Conversely, when you enter a room and it ‘feels’ like a pot of negative stew, that’s a low frequency group. The people are likely negative or someone may be sick/poor/depressed and complaining about being sick/poor/depressed.

Our words bring high or low frequency as well. If you'd like to practice, repeat the word Love ten times in a row, then repeat the word hate same amount of times. I would bet that you are hard pressed to complete the full ten with the second word. Be sure to repeat Love a dozen or more times in order to raise back up to where you were before you tried my little experiment.

Should you feel your own frequency dip, try these steps in order to raise it quickly.

  • Use your essential oils to raise it. If you are unsure which oils are best suited to raise it, use the charts here in the 'files' section to discover. Apply the oils over your heart, your brain stem or on your temples.

  • Eat high frequency foods. Anything that is bright and vibrant in color, anything that is raw and full of life, these will be an excellent indicator that the food is indeed, high frequency.

  • Speak high frequency words. Words associated with love, and joy, peaceful words.

  • Listen to high frequency music. Music is what feelings sounds like. You don't need to ask what music is high frequency, your cells will tell you.

Be proactive in your physical AND mental health each day.

High vibes. It’s just science.

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