The Part Where We Were Blessed...

We were a part of a beautiful home school community. The kind that if someone gets a hang nail they rallied around and bought band aids, tourniquet, or any other supplies necessary. And they didn’t have to be asked. They were the types of women who listened to God and didn’t hesitate to do something.

I had mentioned to one of there women that my desire was to do this cancer thing as natural as possible. So of course one night, she showed up at my door with a basket of essential oils. Like, hundreds of dollars worth. Tons and tons. So much, it was overwhelming.

What happens when you give a gift of this magnitude to someone like I was, someone who had a host of self worth issues, is that while the gift was beyond generous, it created a feeling of shame and guilt. And later, frustration because I felt so stupid for not just knowing how to use these healing tools. Everyone in my circle seemed to somehow just know, but I didn’t. I still believed Neosporin was a must over cuts and antibiotics filled our fridge each Winter. My son’s life was on the line and my friends had just gifted me tools that God set up millennia ago. I had a choice. Can you feel how hard this was? How difficult it was to want to believe my friends, but growing up listening to doctors has if they were God Himself. And besides, if this was really true, why didn’t everyone do it?

As I write this, I’m sitting in a home school class, inhaling windex being sprayed by children and Clorox wipes flying everywhere in the name of clean and community service. It's 2019, nine years after I had started this journey and people are STILL using toxic chemicals to clean their environments- even though children have such focus issues, chronic allergies and asthma.

So why didn’t everyone use the essential oils as I was learning?

Because in 1917 Clorox’s exhibit at the California State Fair introduces the household bleach product to thousands of farmers and other consumers. And in 1928, at St. Mary's Hospital, London, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. This discovery led to the introduction of antibiotics that greatly reduced the number of deaths from infection. Before this antibiotic there was no effective "treatment" for many illnesses. Expect when you study this further, you will find people did use treatments and most important, preventions. Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott and Henry Longfellow, and weirdly, the inventor of CornFlakes, Will Keith Kellogg, were all huge fans of homeopathy. In 1903, one American Medical Association physician admitted they were not denying or against homeopathy because of its principles. They were against it because when a physician who used it moved into town, it took all of the business from the local allopathic physician.

Oh I think we have our answer...


By law I am unable to share the exact things we chose to use and continue to use. But thankfully in the year, 2019, there are a host of resources at your fingertips that you can actually read. There is a plethora of medical research, contrary to popular belief, on the effectiveness of certain oils. Take this article for example, I love it because it's sharing such incredible information that flies in the face of "not enough human research". If you really wanting to dive in this is a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Because I earn money from actually selling essential oils I am bound by law to not site anything from my experience that would suggest any healings resulted from using these tools. However, if I was a licensed aromatherapist, then I am at liberty to share the inner workings of essential oils because it's simply educational purposes only.

Hence, why I send you to thee reference sources.

As I have gone down deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole of natural health, I have quickly noticed people shunning alternative medicine because of the way it's sold. Be it MLMs, or Naturapath doctors, (who they doubt the legitimacy of the actually doctor), or even someone growing herbs in the yard and selling Elderberry Syrup.


Not to mention you find folks who "can't afford it". I know. I hear you dear sister. I was once in that frame of mind as well.

But you can afford it. You just don't believe it actually will work for you. I know, dear sister. I was once there as well.

My dear friends shared an enormous amount of essential oils with us at the onset of the diagnosis. I felt guilt and shame over their gift. I felt stupid for not knowing if these were legitimate tools or not. I felt angry that the doctors sort of patted my head and sent me on my way. There is no lonelier feeling than having tools, not knowing how to use them, if anyone could truly be trusted to actually tell me how to use them, thinking if I made the wrong choice, my son could die, and then being forced to see doctors week after week that only knew how to nuke a child's body to rid it of cancer.

Reading that last paragraph makes me want to take out a billboard and say "ATTENTION mother's everywhere!! I know you're scared. I know they said this, but YOU HAVE A CHOICE."

Oh that back then someone would have taken my face in their hands and said, "yes, you heard God right. This IS the path He has chosen for you. Don't doubt, you know your son better than anyone."

Maybe it's not cancer. Maybe it's a chronic condition, maybe it's ADD, maybe it's mental. Whatever it is, I'm taking your beautiful face in my hands and I'm saying to you~ You are not wrong. Go with your instinct because that my dear friend, is our God speaking to you.

Oh and if you're those friends who are ridiculously generous, keep doing it. Only, hold their hand. Call them daily, assure them they are on the right path.


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