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The Most Important Information You Need to Know


no matter if you are affected by this next chapter, you'll want to be prepared...

Ben Franklin said, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Old Benny, he was a smart one.

He's right, you know.

#Prevention, staying ahead of the #curve so you don't need to concern yourself with flattening one, and keep up on top of your #health, all of these are requirements for staying in optimal health, no matter the season.

Back to school tends to have evolved into a season in our country and whether or not you have people in school or you yourself attend or do not attend, it doesn't matter. You will be affected by this time of year.


The energies alone that swirl around are enough to cause your own bubble of goodness to falter, let alone, going to the market, touching the same carts, inadvertently rubbing your eyes (come on, I haven't broken that habit, you?), and simply being with humanity. All of these are a recipe to invade the immune system, which will now be on high alert.

No matter the camp you find yourself in, while most of the world is rushing about, finding last minute supplies and packaged lunches for their people, how's about you create a healing/health #protocol for yourself and loved ones that is sure to move you through the next season with incredible grace and ease.



  • Hyssop- a beautiful shield for your lungs

  • Immupro in the evening for a restful night's sleep. And, to ward off 5g (message for details)

  • Inner Defense in the morning to assist the body in optimal function should you encounter immune attackers

  • Increase your Ningxia Red intake by 2 ounces

  • Sip warm immune boosting beverages morning and evening, tea being the most ideal- think Turmeric teas, Throat Coat



  • Zinc- this increases the immune system and metabolism

  • Vitamin B-12 and B-3- increases energy so that the body doesn't feel sluggish, especially in darker months

  • Vitamin C at least 1000 mg a day

  • CBD oil, this has a myriad of benefits so do your research in this group or on our CBD website to learn more

  • Elderberry- time tested powerful healing tool, #elderberry syrup has been used for decades to help keep unwanted viruses away.


Supplements that have one or more of the above Vitamins/Minerals

All listed are exclusive to Young Living

Super B




Super D

Life 9

Master Formula


Essential Oils- We only recommend and use Young Living essential oils

  1. RC

  2. Exodus II

  3. Breathe Again

  4. Thieves

  5. Frankincense

  6. Valor

  7. White Angelica

Lastly, do yourself a favor, schedule an appointment for a Raindrop technique massage. Find a local practitioner so that you can benefit from the healing of a Raindrop massage.



the above information has been shared for educational purposes only. Should you need medical attention, please see a medical professional and their advice.

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