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Steps to Incredible Gut Health

Gut health is the key to overall health.

In the spirit of my Summer Prep series, I thought I would share a little this week on gut health, Jen Weir style. Everyone talks about about gut health but few are wiling to tackle a couple of elephants in the room.

One is cleansing.

The other is emotions. You knew I would, right?

Personally I only think of a gut cleanse after the holidays have come and gone. I usually indulge in cookies, breads and cakes, (what am I, 5?) and so my belly is looking and feeling like it has a severe need for a cleanse. Yet, Summer is actually the ideal time and Winter is the absolute worst time to do any amount of cleanse. Winter is a time to settle in, store needed fat to keep us warm and eat foods that nourish, comfort and bring warmth to the body overall. Summer is the time to shed the Winter fats, cleanse out anything left over, so to speak and bulk up on nutrients needed to heal, repair and restore anything lost in Winter.

Incidentally, if we invested time now into our bellies, come Fall and Winter, the sicknesses and illnesses that people tend to attract will be a thing of the past for you.

Just a little YL history trivia for you:

Gary Young developed three products based on this truth. One in particular saved a woman's life- which is one of my favorite testimonies of all time, as she was given not long to live and well, after cleansing her colon properly, she was able to live a long and healthy life. She is also member #1 in Young Living.


Before we dive into the emotional portion. let's get practical.

When dealing with any amount of gut junk, it is important to tackle the physical and emotional at one time.

The basics:

There are three body systems that are in desperate need of a bi-yearly cleansing, more if your diet is less than stellar.

Skin, respiratory and the digestive system.


Cleansing the liver is an integral part of our cleansing system for the body. The liver and colon are part of the overall gut and when the liver is not functioning properly, you'll see in in your hair, skin and nails. We can help the liver by applying certain oils to it to heal and taking supplements to feed it properly. ICP and EssentialZyme are perfect for gently cleansing the liver. Enzymes in the body help to remove waste from the cell so that the body is able to eliminate toxicity. If we do not remove that toxicity then our hair, skin and nails tell on us.


With all the respiratory business having gone on in recent years, a gentle colon cleansing is in order.

Note the word "gentle", it is not a fast, a starve yourself, it is a gentle cleanse.

Because of the foods we eat our colons are not as healthy as they could be. Dairy can not only cause inflammation but also mucus, not only that, but mixed with white flour it causes a paste lining our colon. Our water intake many stay in a constant state of dehydration which can cause for clay like substances to adhere to the walls of the intestine.

The lungs cannot clear its mucus if the colon is full of its own. The lungs and the colon work beautifully together so both require tip top working order.

Fall is typcially an ideal season to cleanse the colon, but taking a few supplements now to get the ball rolling is never a poor idea. Think of how much further along you'll be should you choose to do a 5 day Nutritive cleanse in September. As a reminder, it takes 3-4 months for your cells to completely turn over, so actually-we are right on target for timing.

If you'd like to join our Summer Prep series, please register here so we know ot expect you. The class is complimentary but requires registration.

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