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Speak Up!

We are told to speak up, stand up for yourself, and yet it's not always that simple is it?

Some one mentioned to me that many times we are criticized and attacked in the very area we are gifted and called to. I know this issue well. The list is long for me in ways that I was told to do, to not do to, to be, to not to be. That season and life is long behind so I don't dwell on it, I only share to let you know, someone has walked that road, come out the other side and I'm now attempting to help you see it for your own life.

In the case of being able to speak up, or not, understand that we are often attacked while growing up in the area we are most gifted and called. If that doesn’t work as little ones then likely when we decided to enter into the “real” world. What I mean by this is as young adults there is a track to be on that is acceptable in our culture and only that track. It’s not a bad track, it’s just not always right for every person. If someone is feeling compelled, led, internally steered toward a certain path that is not ok'd by family, culture, media then well, they have a problem. One of the hardest things for me is watching a talented young person be told there's no good money in the thing they are passionate about so they go off and literally do the opposite.

It's like this- I have 5 kids and each of them are vastly different. It would stand to reason that one particular path is not right for all five of them. That being said, many adults are sitting in professions they simply were not designed to do. One thing I have learned is, you can make a living or you can make a life.

Imagine being a phenomenal clothing designer, yet as a child you are told it’s difficult to enter into that industry or you’ll be a starving fashion artist. Goodness, you hit me with I might starve and I am thinking I’ll choose a different door, thank you very much. But what if that person is meant to not only design clothing but revolutionize clothing and what we wear from day to day. I mean, whoever invented these lovely lounge pants I am sporting is a genius. And the guy who invented to pool noodle? Pretty sure I know at least a half a million kids who are grateful for that Summer fav.

If part of your not being able to speak up has to do with your calling and purpose, it’s never too late. Just ask Moses. He got going at 80. You’ve got some days to start fresh.

If this describes you and you realize your gifts and callings were squelched, I’d love to help you break out from the tight fitting track and step into a better fit that was designed for you.

Here are a few questions to ask to get you started:

  1. Ask yourself the question, “what is something that I have said at least one time, ‘oh I’d love to do that or something like that’? Write down everything that leaps to mind.

  2. What is preventing you from doing that thing? It could be that you only thought about it as a ‘really fun and cool thing’ but not something you want to do as a trade (me with being a zip lining guide) or even as far as you don’t think you could support yourself/family etc doing that thing. List ALL the reasons for each thing you’ve at one time or another thought would be neat. And listen, I can hear your thoughts- “well at one point I wanted to be Batman and that’s just not a thing!” Tell that to the SIX men who’ve played Batman in movies, never mind plays and other venues. Oh and if you ever wanted to be a princess, well, I know in the eyes of God, you, my dear friend, are royalty.

  3. Finally, with ideas and reasons in hand, take your Cedarwood essential oil and breathe in one drop from the palm of your hand. Take some time today to envision what doing that would look like. When was the last time you let yourself dream and think about your future, your calling, your path?

While working through reasons why you may not be in your God ordained calling and purpose may seem irrelevant in dealing with emotions, the truth is, it has everything to do with it. If living in a city where from time to time I took the subway in during rush hour taught me anything it’s this- there are countless people living a grim existence, one someone else told them to live, and their faces are telling on them.

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