Soothe and Release With an Unexpected Gem


what I'm about to share, will be, well, astounding...

But first, the information you likely know, especially for this herb.

Coriander vitality essential oil may support healthy digestive and immune system functions and has been studied for the support it may offer to a healthy pancreas. It provides antioxidant support and has cleansing properties.

However, and here comes the incredible part, Coriander essential oil allows more spiritual light and connection to enter the physical body; and will help to expand the heart chakra. Ok now we're getting somewhere. It will help us release resistance and attachment to old beliefs and open to new energies. As we allow this transformation to happen we not only love ourselves more fully but have a deeper connection with the Creator.

Drumroll please as I take you a journey to the best most valuable information ....

This oil is good for overeating or not taking care of self as related to food. Shall I repeat that, or did it sink in?

Whether we over eat, have cravings or binge, it is all related to the matters of the heart. This is related to filling our void and our own self love. And not allowing the sweet things of life to shine through. Overeating and an unhealthy weight is not due to a lack of self control. It's emotions. It's always emotions. We eat to feel safe. It's biology. Once we can get to the point of caring for ourselves emotionally, then we can release and well, release the weight.

Place a drop or two on the crown chakra to balance the energy of the chakras, energy centers of the body. Dab a drop around the ears to quell that feeling of self loathing, should that be present.

The Egyptian Royalty used this particular herb and oil quite often, and you may or may not know, they were known to deal with the emotions of every situation.

As you would study the book of Proverbs to know what Royal living is meant to look like lived out, so I recommend you study Ancient Egyptians to understand and grasp what exceptional mental and physical health required, and what it looked like lived out.

Ready for your own Coriander? Find it here.

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