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particularly the 12-20 crowd...

As we have navigated through these interesting years with our children, some unsavory skin conditions arise, and some as the got older, it grew worse rather than better.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been of more interest to us in recent years as it selves into not just the condition, but the whole body, mind and even spirit.

Acne, particularly chronic more aggressive, is most definitely digestive related. But not just the gut, as many would assume.

Liver, kidney, intestines, (small and large) and of course the stomach all play a role in healthy digestion.

In addition, emotions play a significant part in all of this and should never be overlooked.

Rather than purchasing an intensive skin care line and with great persistence apply a copious amount of skin oils- best practice would tell you look at the whole body and work from the inside out. From the emotional component to the top skin layers.

Some key players we’ve implemented with success are below:

  • Juniper, kidney and bladder support. These help detox and cleanse these organs.

  • Trauma Life over the liver and heart. This is truly a gift to anyone who has faced a traumatic event of any kind. Remember, you don’t get the privilege of qualifying trauma, your body on a cellular does that for you.

  • Lemon as it is incredibly helpful in the body’s detox process.

  • Life 9 probiotic this is one that is a must because frankly, most probiotics out there are just utter rubbish. And I believe we can all agree how important probiotics are for a healthy gut, and then of course, a healthy immune system.

  • EssentialZyme enzymes, and by the handfuls. This has helped my people breakdown and digest foods, pulling much needed healing nutrients from the plants we eat in order to them in turn, heal their skin.

  • Plant base diet. Dairy for women especially is no bueno for the hormone balancing act. It’s not overly delightful for men either. Meat is challenging should you have problematic skin, as meat takes about 3-5 to digest, creating a less than ideal gut environment for a time. If you’re a meat eater, your belly is working overtime, 24/7 to digest. Better take a few handfuls of those enzymes I mentioned.

Do you have someone in your home that has acne? It may be hormones, and it’s likely something else as well. Turns out, roller coaster hormones, while common, isn’t normal.

Modern medicine tells you elevated hormones, acne and outbursts are just a part of life.

For the 21+ crowd...

What is your skin trying to tell you?

How often do we wish our body could just tell us what it needs, well what if it is, and we just don't know how to listen to it? The areas of concern on your face, very well could be trying to tell a story of something out of balance on a cellular level. Whether it's a dry spot, an irritation, itch or time you notice something pop up, listen up. Once you identify the area of concern, retreat to your Reference Guide Books of choice and try to discover which essential oils or supplements can help your body stay in balance and far above the wellness line. D I G E S T I O N Enzymes are key to playing a role in proper digestive health along with getting enough fiber, and water in your daily diet.

  • WATER: The long running suggestion is half your body weight in ounces plus double any amount of caffeine or alcohol you consume. Or, you can try the gorgeous gallon and keep it simple.

  • FIBER: On target for women is 34-36g x day. For men, it is 34-40g. Balance complete is an excellent source to add a few more grams to your intake.

  • ENZYMES: A great broad spectrum start is Essentialyzme 4 (if you have had your gallbladder removed, opt for Essentialzyme)

K I D N E Y S Kidneys love hydration so make sure your water intake is up to par (see above) K&B tincture is a great supplement to keep your kidney health functioning strong.

C A R D I O V A S C U L A R Love your heart with proper nutrition and a diet high in essential fatty acids. To add additional supplementation to your diet, look at OmegaGize. CardioGize, MindWise, NingXia Red are also great additions to your routine to keep your heart health strong. Y E A S T & P H Enzymes with higher levels of amylase and cellulase help to digest excess yeast from the body by properly assimilating the nutrients in our diet. Ideally, look at Young Living Allerzyme as an enzyme to fit this match. Life 9 will help keep the bacteria balance an even playing field.

H O R M O N E S & S T O M A C H If your breakouts follow an all too familiar 28 day cycle, look at ways to keep your hormone health strong every day. Progessence Plus Serum is a great start for many women as a daily step along with proper supplements ideal for your body (look at having a Zyto or iTOVI screening done to establish a supplement routine outside of the standard core)

L I V E R & G A L L B L A D D E R Emotions run deep. Try diffusing Geranium & Bergamot at night to help let go of hate, anger and resentment... emotions that according to Chinese medicine are housed in the Liver and, Gallbladder. Other essential oils for these emotions: rose, joy, release (et al.) L Y M P H A T I C The key here, is to keep an already healthy and strong lymphatic system healthy and strong. Make sure you have a well established daily supplement routine that includes keep your defenses up. Look at Sulfurzyme & NingXia Red as key players and if you are feeling that your system is a bit over stressed.... follow a few days with Inner Defense in the morning.

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