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Simple Ways to Release Negativity

releasing negative thoughts and memories...

Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night, mind swirling about an event or experience that left you unsettled?

Perhaps the event creeps in throughout your day- stealing precious moments away from the present by dredging up the past. All of it simply doesn’t serve you or align with your calling.

We must be relentless is proclaiming Freedom from negative thoughts and memories, and receive truth and peace. Creating a daily practice to rid your mind of such thoughts while you sleep is imperative should you be someone who is on a trajectory for emotional health and a life filled with purpose.

Stress Away,( a Young Living exclusive) , Frankincense and Lavender will be incredibly valuable for releasing those thoughts and emotions while Present Time is the key to staying in the present.


Utilizing the wisdom of essential oil usage will create a much more profound freedom. Rather than cycling back to old habits and patterns, you will be more equipped to use the essential oils with much intention and purpose. The mind which is most responsible for memories and emotions, called the limbic system, only responds to the sense of smell. Hence why when you catch an aroma you may immediately be transported back in time to a memory. That memory was sealed in by the scent of something within the space you were in during that time. Over the past two decades, research has been extensive on the effects of essential oils and our emotions.


In 2010 Researchers in Germany studied the effectiveness of Lavender essential oil in capsules and found it to be as effective as Valium for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A more updated source can be found here.

Vanilla (found in Stress Away)

In 2015 researchers in China found that Vanillin (the key component found in Vanilla) was able to alleviate depressive symptoms in rats via the olfactory pathway. They demonstrated that Vanillin increased both the Seratonin an Dopamine levels in the brain tissue, (the feel good hormones that are released from the gut). That study can be found here.


Researchers at Hebrew University in 2008 discovered that Incensole Acetate, a component of Frankincense, acts on specific receptors in the brain that lead to an anti-depressant and anxiolytic effect, (decrease abnormal excitability). Find that research here.


In order to release in an effective way, simple take one drop of each of these oils in the palm of your hands, rotate to activate the molecules and a take a deep inhale. Create an intention of releasing the event/memory/thought. Allow the molecules of the oils to wash over your mind and see the event/thought wash away. As you do this, there may be a specific emotion that rises up. Once you have been breathing these essential oils in, and the charge of the feelings releases a bit, write out what that emotion that rose up was, and see below. You can repeat the process using an essential oil to pair with the negative emotion in order to release it.



#bitterness- shows where you need to heal, where you’re still holding judgements toward others or yourself. Acceptance or Forgiveness are wonderful oils to release bitterness.

#resentment- shows still living in the past, and not allowing the present to fully come to fruition. Again, Forgiveness.

#anger- shows what you’re passionate about, where your boundaries are, and what you believe needs to change to heal the world. Lavender or Helichrysum assist in releasing anger.

#disappointment- perhaps the most encouraging negative emotion because it shows that you tried something, put yourself out there and were not apathetic. You care. Frankincense and Hope are beautifully to help overcome disappointment.

#shame- perhaps the biggest one needed to rid yourself of immediately, as it shows you internalize other people’s beliefs. It’s time to connect with your beliefs. Shame can be cast aside through inhaling Believe.

#sadness- shows again, you care, but deeply. Sadness is needed to know the balance of life. Tears, these are soap for the soul. Let them come and flow so that you can release with ease. Joy lifts the spirits in order to move forward in life. Joy is an oil used in Gary Young's Great Day Protocol.

Allow this to soak in deeply the next time you’re pestered by swirling thoughts.

Now, shall we practice together? Proclaim with me- I proclaim #FREEDOM from negative memories and thoughts and I receive #TRUTH and #PEACE in all moments.

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