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Roots of Adrenal Fatigue

In our world today most people address the fruit of a problem. This is backwards. This is the second of ten articles written expressly for the purpose of helping us all address the root of a problem rather than bad aid the fruit. After all, we wouldn’t try to make a rotten apple good again. We would see what is happening at the root of the tree in order to next season, produce better fruit.

Today's- Adrenal Fatigue part 1

As we continue on in this series of Fruits to Roots, I want to camp out on the adrenal fatigue for a bit. When I began to research adrenal fatigue, it quickly became apparent that this is an all too common and often overlooked condition. Not to mention, the causes are as varied as the people who struggle with this.


Adrenal fatigue is a condition that usually results from a long period of chronic stress. These can include physical health issue, caring for a loved one, financial stress, overwork, family disputes, or marital problems and many others. Often it might a be a combination of factors, such as those who are working while raising small children. Again, there are so many other factors that can come into play. A poor diet means that your body has fewer reserves and less capacity to deal with stress. Chronic disease or exposure to toxic chemicals. Poor sleep habits is huge, hence why many mothers of newborns and multiple children struggle with this one. Burning the candle at both ends, while fun and can get a lot accomplished, may be problematic for your health.

In order to do this right, I need to bring to your attention what the signs and symptoms are to give you an idea of what we are dealing with.

Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Difficulty Getting Up Each Morning, Even After A Long Sleep

  2. High Levels Of Fatigue Each Day

  3. Inability To Handle Stress

  4. Cravings For Salty Foods

  5. Higher Energy Levels In The Evenings

  6. Overuse Of Stimulants Like Sugar And Caffeine

  7. A Weakened Immune System

Adrenal fatigue has the potential to trigger other conditions in the body such as the ones I’ve listed below.



Dark circles under the eyes



Dry skin

Extreme tiredness shortly after exercise

Frequent urination


Joint pain

Lines in your fingertips

Loss of muscle tone

Low blood pressure

Low blood sugar

Low sex drive

Lower back pain

Numbness in your fingers / Poor circulation

Weight gain

I know quite a number of people who struggle with fibromyalgia, and a lot of those symptoms are on this list. The fibromyalgia has the potential to be subdued by treating the adrenal glands.


In the next few articles I will share supplements and oils that do help deal with this condition and ways you can heal from this one. Like many conditions, healing from adrenal fatigue requires your participation. As with the exercise we did in healing allergies, consider today if you are ready to make a lifestyle change in order to begin healing from this. If not, no worries. Please simply bookmark this in your notes to come back at a later time. I know for me, a few months back I would not have been willing or really able to make changes. Walking through fiery seasons is not the time to begin addressing issues in the body. That is the time when applying a temporary Band-Aid to the fruit is needed. Come back when you’re able.

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