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Root Causes of Allergies

Fruit to Roots series -allergies part 2

I the case for dealing and healing allergies- it’s like the Sound of Music song says, “let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start.”

There are several beginnings to begin. It’s like Genesis 1 says, in A beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Not THE beginning, A. Hebrew is really super cool.

In any case, we all have several beginnings of conditions in the body, it’s rarely one single event or situation.

Again, it is absolutely not normal to be allergic to creation. We can do things to our bodies or things be done to us that cause a war between us and His creation, but just not get along, so to speak- not a thing.

One beginning to start is sit still, oils in hand, perhaps Clarity, Frankincense, something to break through the clutter of thoughts and ask a pointed question to your body- “when was the first time this began?” Maybe you ask, “when was the first time I remember this being an issue?” Oh and be sure to have a journal in hand as you think and pray and process. Trust me when I say, your body will speak, if not, the God who made you will. He wants you healed and well, I promise. I don’t want to start a war here sharing how it is never God’s will for someone to be sick, but well, it’s not.


Another beginning you may choose to start is assessing the words you use to speak about this condition. With allergies, do you say things like “my allergies, I have allergies, or my allergies are killing me, etc”? Please understand your words are your future, they are the children of your mouth. What did you give birth to as you spoke? There are more curses I hear people speak over themselves in regard to allergies, but my eyes and thoughts can only tolerate so much negative speech in one article.


Next, once you have walked through one or both of those beginnings, notice where your belief in healing and dealing with these monsters lies. Again, take some Clarity essential oil, or even Cedarwood (my FAV for all things brain changing), and say out loud something like “I believe this ______ is/can be/will be healed”. When you say that, what is the first immediate response?

That will tell you how far your psyche is willing to let your body go in the way of healing. Our mind, will and emotions go a long way in actually seeing our bodies respond the way they were designed to.


Once you’ve determined what your level of belief is and if you’re in a mental place of “yep, totally can kick this sucker out!”, you are then able to look for tangible ways to heal. Let me say this- the word of God says if anyone is sick go the elders, have then anoint you with OIL (oils are so O.G.) and they’ll pray for you and you’ll get well. Seeing as most churches teach that sickness, disease etc is possibly God’s will and He may not always choose to heal, I’d caution you to choose wisely which church, which elders, and all that. Like serious vet these people.

That being said, begin to say out loud “I’m looking for ways to heal from _____”. Again, what springs to mind first is likely the hot ticket. There are times I am drawn to a certain supplement, an essential oil, a food, a workout, or a passage of scripture and it was the exact right thing I needed for that situation. This doesn’t need to be only in the case of healing the physical. This can be applied to your business, your children, your marriage, literally anything. You begin to ask the question, believing you will find an answer and it will pop up.

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