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Root Causes of Allergies

Fruit to Roots series

In our world today most people address the fruit of a problem. This is backwards. This is the second of ten articles written expressly for the purpose of helping us all address the root of a problem rather than bad aid the fruit. After all, we wouldn’t try to make a rotten apple good again. We would see what is happening at the root of the tree in order to next season, produce better fruit.

Today's- Allergies

Allergies exist when our immune system responds to a seemingly foreign substance, such as food, pollen, mold or pet dander. We all know the symptoms like- itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing and/or rashes.

To add in allergies to our Fruit to Roots series is a lofty goal. Yet it is high on the list of conditions people struggle with. Since allergies are triggered by such a wide range of things, my goal is to educate on the why the body is triggered in the first place, and then point each of you in a direction of discovery of what the root cause is so that you can properly heal. Oh wait, you did know allergies need not be a life sentence, right?

Recently I met a woman who mentioned she had so many fragrance allergies and couldn’t really use oils of any kind. Of course I asked if her home was toxin free and she replied, “no not really”. It was at that moment the Lord literally zipped my mouth shut and kindly whispered, “she’s not ready, just give her your member number and let her purchase what she thinks she needs- don’t tell her what you think she needs.”

Let’s cut to the chase.

Allergies are negative emotions suppressed and now springing to life in an unhealed person. In the event of a child having allergies, please remember, that what the mother feels, experiences or has in her DNA, the baby feels, experiences and has in their DNA now. In addition, generational trauma is real. So imagine for a sec if grandma had unhealed trauma, that gets passed to momma, and if she experiences woundings that plus grandma’s stuff gets passed to baby.

Keep this in mind as I share the list of emotional reasons for allergies.

  • Suppressed weeping

  • Imitation substitute for colds

  • Feelings don’t seems to have an answer to change

  • Fear of sharing feelings with people

  • Feeling stifles

  • Denying own power

  • Feeling aggravated by someone or something

In the case of itching and thinking this is allergies:

  • Desires gone unfulfilled

  • Having a difficult time accepting where you are in life

  • Wanting more than you are getting out of life

  • Feeling inadequate of unworthy.

Does you find it interesting that Lavender helps with allergies but is also a great essential oil for those who struggle with abandonment issues?


Allergies often indicate an electrical imbalance so creating a frequency for the body and throughout the body that rebalances is important.

For this you’ll want to use your Harmony blend, place two drops in one hand, rub together and place one hand over the thymus and one over that navel. After applying there, take three drops in one hand and breathe in deeply 3x, then switch hands and breathe 3 more times in that hand. Harmony balances our energy centers and aligns the meridians back into balance.

If you, your child, or anyone you know struggles with allergies of any kind, getting to the root is so important so that the suffer can find true healing relief and enjoy their life. Having been someone who struggled with allergies so a long time, it grieves me to see people sneezing and wheezing at certain times of the year. Being allergic to creation is not a thing, naturally speaking. Being allergic to synthetic fragrances is totally acceptable and welcomed because goodness, if the only thing you get from toxic fragrances is an allergic reaction- consider yourself blessed. Stop using them before something worse smacks you. Well, not you, but you know, those other people.

Lavender, Goldenrod, Lemon and Peppermint are superb for helping one get through the days. But that is only treating the fruit. Wouldn’t it be cool to get after the root and not ever deal with allergies? I mean, I did, and now I don’t. Living in north Texas, talk about your miracles.

I’ll give this article time to ruminate the write a bit more on healing the roots.

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