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Relentless Pursuit of Health

Say it with me, "I walk in perfect health". Doesn't that feel incredible? To declare fully, with complete confidence and conviction, you do indeed, walk in the most perfect of health.

You see when we declare such truths, we begin to make choices that align with making this possible. Complacency is kicked to the curb and a relentless pursuit of health, wholeness and vitality ensues.

In the form of small steps, choices which create perfect health are all around us. From the food we eat, to the soap we wash our bodies with, even down to the thoughts we choose to think. It's all there, ready for us to tap into perfection, back to the way we are created to be.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Or as the scriptures state it best-

"...Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing." Ezekiel 47:12

Whichever statement you choose to align with, the truth is there. Stated by two vastly different men, yet, both knowing truth.

Food for medicine, plants for healing.

The year 2020 took a toll on the health of the nations. Not in the virus floating around. No, there is a deeper issue many now find themselves in.

You know the idea of "If I only had two weeks to get in shape, get the house in order, write that book, etc"? We have all said it, yet in 2020 were given a huge gift of sheltering in place. Of being "forced" as it were, to staying right in our own homes. Alas, the problem did not lie with the busy-ness of Americans. The problem lies with us as a culture, within our minds.

Yikes! How's that for a tough pill to swallow?

Nevertheless, some rose to the occasion created home based businesses, reorganized and possibly spent more family time than ever before.

Unfortunately one glaring oversight many had was in our health. Being forced to do anything never bodes well for humanity. In the wealthier parts of the world, aside from the typical rebellion, we tend to quietly rebel, with our forks...

Our food choices left a lot to be desired and now the bodies and minds of the world are showing the fruit.

Is it still a secret what must be done in order to take back our perfect health? Of course not! Eat less, move more. Easy. Shapes ought never to come into the mind when assessing our health, and waistlines, please. Women around the globe know a tiny waist is not a picture of health and vitality. Energy, vigor, mental clarity- these are the marks of a person of strength and wellness.

But in the inner parts of our anatomy, at a cellular lever, this may become neglected and sadly fall into disrepair.

Its January! A new year, ripe with new opportunities to do right by your health! Most people are making goals, commitments and resolutions. How about we join in that fray and create a life filled with wellness like never before?

Whoa whoa whoa, speedy, hang on. I felt the woosh of the chair as you stood up to rush out the door for a run after throwing out the Cheese Puffs...

Let's pause... breathe... and ask the question- Where am I now? Then, Where do I want to be? Go ahead, I'll wait...

Before you don the running shoes or sign up for that fitness center, or even begin the 75 days of oh my word!, how's the inner self fairing? Are you feeding your cells with supplements and healing them with essential oils?

Supplements feed our cells nutrients that are missing from the day to day intake of food. AS a vegan I am acutely aware that even I do not get the necessary vitamins and minerals through all the food I eat. Oxidative stress fights us the moment we open our baby blues, or greens, or browns. When you wake up in the morning your body begins to produce free radicals as a result of the repairing of the cells during the night. We need to begin fueling up on antioxidants the moment we start the day, whether in the form of supplements or food. In recent years intermittent fasting has become more chic, yet as a health coach I cringe wondering how on earth are the cells receiving the care and nutrients in a matter of a few hours of eating, who knows what? Should you be one who partakes in such a venture, I implore you to consider doubling your intake of vitamins, minerals and supplements. You my friend, are already behind before you wake up.

Understand that no matter your food regime and choices, supplementation and essential oil usage is critical. However is should not be complicated.


Every body requires a probiotic, an antioxidant, an extra vitamin D source, and a multivitamin. Consider as a sort of base or foundation to your health.

Before beginning a lifestyle filled with essential oils, using supplements was something our family just did in faith. What I mean is, we never felt any different. At times I wondered if we had been purchasing expensive urine... When we started using supplements that were infused with essential oils, the game changed. The supplements began to make a significant difference in our lives and from then on, we realized, there was truth to the need to add in a supplement.

Choosing what to start with first can be a challenge, there are so many opinions and options. If you breakdown the needs of the body into a few simple components, it becomes much simpler to choose. And of course, Young Living now has you covered on those bases.

If you are simply starting a supplement routine, keep it simple or you won't keep it at all. As well as, count the cost. Going from zero to sixty by adding in every single supplement your body requires can make the budget committee a little shaky. Always begin with your multivitamin, or in the case of YL supplements, Master Formula. Master Formula Daily Multivitamin Packs are whole food vitamin and mineral supplements that come in a daily packet. Each multivitamin pack supplies a natural wide spectrum of what you want in a multivitamin - B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E and K, folic acid, selenium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

Think about the ease with which you can take this, a simple packet. Toss in the backpack or purse and head out! Master Formula also contains NingXia Wolfberries which have vital natural minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. If you're only choosing one to start, this is the one. You hit the vitamins, a chunk of minerals and load up on antioxidants straight out the gate in your day.

Ready to increase the vitality levels and energy in your body? Ningxia Red is absolutely the best next steps! Here's what you need to know. Before Ningxia was formulated, Gary Young went on a quest to find the places in the world with the most longevity. Of course China was on the stops. The people of the Ningxia province in China drink a puree, eat the wolfberries and make a tea from these berries. They know the secret to a long and healthy life. Any time someone seeks to increase their lifespan, I suppose it's most wise to take cues from those who have achieve that which you desire, agree?

One may think the logical first step is a probiotic. And while they may be correct, some folks do not have that instant gratification when taking a probiotic. But with a multivitamin, the difference is powerful. To each his own, but know this. When you have an experience you are more likely to stick with whatever program you've committed to. Life 9 is a time released Probiotic that gives healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system. Probiotics are healthy bacteria or intestinal flora that are beneficial for the a healthy digestive system. Life 9 also contains acidophilus, which is a particular strain of bacteria that is known to be beneficial the intestinal tract. There are other strains as well and any beneficial probiotic will have a combination of bacterial strains in the product not just acidophilus. Not only does it have different strains of bacteria ], Life 9 is designed with targeted-release capsules to withstand the digestive tract.

Finally, you'll want to add a vitamin D supplement. Especially if you live near the top of the world, in the frozen tundra. Super Vitamin D is fantastic for the immune system and dissolves easily! In addition it is created from a vegetarian source. Hooray!

The benefits of vitamin D include supporting the immune system, support for healthy hormones and mood regulation; and supporting healthy bones and muscles.

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins and support the Vitamin D Receptor Gene (VDR). They work synergistically together. Vitamin K supports the absorption of Vitamin D and they are partners in calcium metabolism. There are quite a number of conditions in the body that can be corrected simply by adding in a Vitamin D supplement.

No matter where you are on the health spectrum, now is the time to take a long look at where you are, and then, where do you want to go. It's 2021, it's time to take control over what you're able. After all, you have just one life and one body in which to live it. Treat it wisely.

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