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Release in the New Season

In Jewish homes across the globe, many are preparing for Rosh Hashanah, or the New Year. Many Christians and especially Messianic Jews look forward to this feast and celebrate it wholeheartedly as well, myself included.

Whenever I enter into a new season, be it a new year, a change in actual seasons or even ticking off another year of being on this earth, a practice I have done for years is releasing that which cannot follow me into this next season.

Think of it this way- how odd would it be to keep my heavy sweaters out and wear them daily during the months of June, July and August, in Texas? You’re sweaty just thinking of it, right?

New seasons require shedding off things that do not bring benefit in the new season.

New seasons also require putting on certain items and characteristics that are needed for that particular time. Winter in most of the country calls for a heavier coat and warmer foods. Summer in most of the country begs us to shed excess and eat/drink differently than in the past season.

The analogies are endless, but so that this write up is not, let’s get to the practice.

As each new season approaches, like this new one, Head of the New Year in the Hebrew faith or my birthday, New Year's Day, etc, I have a practice that has served me well for many years. Sometimes I leave off dry brushing, though that really should be a daily practice. But over all, journaling, asking key questions, using Release, Envision, Believe and the occasional Transformation essential oil are a given when I am shedding off old and stepping into the new.

You see, many people are willing to release the old, but few will work to embrace the new. The new requires effort, cultivation and probably a little sweat equity. Putting on the “new outfit” for this season might mean rewriting old thought patterns which can in turn mean finding new sources of input. It most certainly will require doing things differently than before.

Think of shopping for Winter wear. We don’t buy sweaters at certain stored because there are few stores that understand cold weather, right? Personally, I like to buy winter clothes from stores that are based in the Northeast, Canada or far northern midwest. There is no way a store based in California or Texas is going to have a clue how to keep me warm in Maine weather… should I be so blessed to venture up there this winter.

Conversely, I do not buy Summer gear from Carhartt. Carhartt has amazing threads for heavier clothing needs. Heavy fabrics won’t do in 110+ degree heat.

Whether you are looking to celebrate a new Hebrew year, or are embracing Autumn, or keep this in your pocket for a more opportune time, I invite to check back here over the next few days as I share a few of my tried and true tools for releasing the old and embracing the new. Tools such as dry brushing, journaling, applying key oils like Believe and Release, and everyone's favorite- a healing epsom salts bath.

I pray you find value and possibly a few nuggets to add to your wellness routine in each new season life brings.

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