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Release For Releasing

When entering a new season, I use Release likes it's my job! This oil has been a huge blessing for me throughout the rougher times and even moments that I just needed to shake off the ick from someone else.


New seasons are not for carrying old anger and hurts into. We know this, but sometimes we forget to check our hearts to see if there is any pain and frustrations lurking aoubt. Release helps us with that process without being too invasive, you know?

In addtion, releasing anger and hurts is key to any sort of emotional and physical healing. If you are experiencing any sort of dis-ease in your body, chances are there are trapped emotions associated with that. The oil blend Release is specific to anger and extremely powerful for releasing deep trauma.

It is formulated to support the release of traumatic memories from the cells of the liver. Because Release stimulates a sense of harmony and balance within the mind and body, it helps release anger and memory trauma from the cells of the liver bringing a sense of peace and emotional wellbeing.

Trust me, letting go of negative emotions and releasing frustration enables one to progress in a positive way.

Using this over the liver, about 12 drops over that area in a circular motion each evening before bed. and for additional support apply over the throat, even on your feet. This will yield powerful results for the days ahead.

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