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Raven Essential Oil

September Gifts explained

at the 250pv tier for any type of order, we receive a 15ml bottle of Raven essential oil

Using R.C. in conjunction with Raven gives any cough a one two punch! What I like doing is laying them one after the other over the chest, then applying a warm compress for about 10 minutes or until the compress has completely cooled.

Raven is also soothing and refreshing, so much so that anyone who does an extra amount of cardio exercise loves this one applied over the chest to open up those lungs.

It has five different essential oils, Raventsara, Eucalyptus radiata, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Lemon. You can see why this one is a must have in our stockpile, as well as why we are all so grateful to be receiving this one for free, right?

Emotional Helps with Raven

Raven opens up the heart making it easier to release sadness and grief. And sometimes, those who feel rejected can store these two negative emotions in their lungs. Raven is a gentle way to release that and begin to see the rejection for what it truly is- someone who is hurt themselves and simply cannot see the incredible gifts and beauty that are in the person who they’ve rejected. Once these emotions are release, people are free to experience joy and passion in stepping into their true identity.

In the Diffuser with Raven

3 drops Raven

3 drops R.C.

1 drop Peppermint

for emotional releasing support, consider adding 4 drops of Release to the above blend

More diffuser ideas below:

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