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Post Travel Hangover

let's ditch that, shall we?

I flew out Friday morning before the sun rose, drove an hour and a half to get to my hotel. I went for a run befor edinner and then proceeded to squeeze myself into nylons and a cocktail dress. (That was a surprising success, by the way!)

The soiree ended at 10, at which point I went back to the hotel, chatted on FT with my kids til 11:30 and fell into bed.

Up before the sun again to get ready, packed and checked out before day 2 began and then sat for the day (which can be tiring in and of itself).

After an emotional day, drove an hour and a half back to the airport, raced to catch my flight and met up with all my kids at 10:30pm Saturday night.

Sunday morning we hit the ground running as I like to be in the moment with them after begin gone, even if only for 36 hours.

One would think that after a whirlwind weekend away and jumping right back into doing my everyday life immediately following, I would be feeling exhausted. In previous days I would have been. I would have needed extra sleep, a day off at minimum.

But I have learned a lot about nutrition over the years and in the pursuit of better health for me overall, I have found that protein is indeed king.

Gary Young created Power Meal as a meal replacement, and yet it is so much more. All the vitamins, minerals and fruits & veggies in this one supplement creates a recipe for outstanding energy. In an attempt to get my children to consume more protein, we made this Date Shake this afternoon- a family favorite.

Friends, one thing I have been remiss about this past year is not using the tools we have. We have the oils, the supplements, and the foods so that we can thrive.

WE HAVE THE TOOLS to make sure WE are functioning at our PEAK without synthetic stimulants.

Date Shake Recipe

5 pitted dates (soften in hot water for 10 minutes)

2 scoops of Power Meal

2 drops of Vanilla oil (1 tsp of vanilla extract as a sub)

1 scoop of Brewers yeast (optional, just wanted even more protein for the lunch hour)

1 banana

1 cup of favorite non-dairy milk

1 drop of nutmeg oil

1 drop of cinnamon bark oil

1 cup of ice

Place in blender and blend until smooth like a milkshake. Enjoy!

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