Out of Nowhere

When you teach emotions on a regular basis, you tend to feel exempt from surprising triggers. For example, today I was scrolling FB, saw a post that I had an extreme response to. 😳I immediately started having an emotional come apart.

See what had happened was... this post triggered a memory I had completely buried. I blocked it from memory. Trauma does that BTW. It was so traumatic that I honestly couldn’t function for a few hours. 😭

Have you felt the same? I see you now. I get it more than ever. Now I get it.

After a half a bottle of Trauma Life and White Angelica and an hour of prayer, a dear friend reminded me of our breathing practice.

Big deep breaths, loud exhales. After a few times, more oils, it felt as though I reduced 50lbs.

Dear friends, for those of you on an emotional health journey, it’s a process. And as you start opening the door, your brain is more than willing to release the trapped or blocked emotions. And our God is longing to set you free. Can I encourage you to ride the emotions out? They don’t last forever. And you’ll feel so much lighter. ❤️ Praying for each of you walking this same road.


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