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One Way to Heal Disease

If I introduce you to my children, I will tell you "this is my Zion, my Eden, my Canon, my Jonah, and/or my Selah". If you have the delightful privilege of meeting my dog, Roman, you will be introduced by me saying "this is my Roman."

I love these people and pup. I want them to know they belong to someone, that they are wanted more than literally anything else in the whole world.

If I were to have an unsavory condition attempt to step into my life, like allergies let's say, you would never hear me say "my allergies". Why? Because I do not want it, love it nor do I want the sucker to think it is welcomed or has the right/power to stay.

I will let anything know in no uncertain terms, it needs to go.

If you truly want to get at the root of any condition that dares attempt to take you out consider the following.

One way to heal all your diseases to this:

Stop claiming the condition as your very own. Stop saying things like “my anxiety, my allergies, my ADD, my brain fog, my _____".

When we call something “my _____”, we take ownership of it, we embrace it with all it’s ugliness. The frequency of the word anxiety is so low and claiming it as your own lowers your frequency exponentially.

If you need to talk about it, begin to speak about it as an unwelcomed intruder.


Think of it this way- if you had been robbed at gunpoint in your home, would you retell the story saying, “my robber, my thief broke in….”? Of course not.

Calling a condition yours is the exact same thing. Conditions come in and steal health and vitality from us. Unless we want more stealing and thieving occurring, we are wise to treat it the same as we would a home intruder. Take that analogy and apply it to your children. If someone were coming in and attempting harm on your child, would you tell your child it was “their thief, intruder, assaulter”? Again, of course not.

If you have a child who experiences any condition they were not born with, change your language TODAY over them. It is NOT theirs, it is an intruder into their body & mind and it is attempting to destroy their spirit.

Don’t partner with the condition and speak low frequency over yourself or your child. Speak healing, speak life over their circumstances. Also, don’t judge them for it either. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean they are not. Just because your house didn’t get invaded, doesn’t mean your neighbor’s didn’t.

Listen, this goes for pets too. Words have weight, energy, and power. They are the children of your mouth. Give careful attention to the kind of “children” you are producing.

For anyone experiencing any condition- as one would search tirelessly for how the intruder got into the home in the first place, be relentless on how anxiety was able to crack in. Where was the point of entry? Begin to ask these pointed questions, again, always with Cedarwood or even Clarity essential oil and you will start to connect the dots that lead you straight to the roots.

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