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Natural Postpartum Help

Have you ever thought, "if it is natural it must not work"?

I know I use to think that at times and over the years I've learned that not only do natural methods work, but are incredibly effective as well.

In the case of postpartum, knowing how to help your body during this time of transition naturally will go along way in helping to support not only the baby's health, but yours as well.


  • Did you know that in the 2 week period before baby is born, baby takes nearly all of momma's essential fatty acid storage?

  • Did you know that essential fatty acid deficiency is linked to a decrease in overall mood, happiness and mental health?

And the effects can be felt for quite a while. It can take up to 18 months (depending on diet) for momma to rebuild her EFA storage.



Essential Fatty Acids are a key essential component of all cells in your body however, your body does not synthesize omega 3 fatty acids so you need to constantly include them in your diet. Foods like nuts and seeds, especially walnuts are a great source. Diet alone is often not sufficient so we look to supplement this element.

OmegaGize is a great source of omega fatty acids and has a crucially important enzyme: Co-Q 10, along with vitamin d3. Diets high in essential fatty acids, will also produce a fattier and more nutritious breast milk. For milk production and it's effects on overall mental health, I cannot say it enough: postpartum women + Omega Gize


Herbal teas have always been an option to help soothe the worry of the day. Look for a tea with St Johns Wort, Ginkgo Biloba and Chamomile to help wind down and clear your mind of heavy emotions. Slique tea is incredible to stabilize not only blood sugar but also moods since it contains Frankincense resin and Ocotea essential oil!


Keep your mind and body in balance with a drop of Harmony essential oil blend applied just above the navel and a drop of Joy essential oil blend over your heart. Sclaressence and Progessence Plus will also go a long way to keeping the hormones level and calm.


Gentle Baby essential oil blend is a beautiful combination that helps create a feeling of bonding for both momma and baby. Not to mention, dads should be using this as well to enhance the bonding experience.


Fresh air and the great outdoors can offer a beautiful and much needed escape. In addition to getting circulation going, exercise can help release endorphins which is sure to bring a smile. Bundle your little one up for a sweet and slow stroll around the neighborhood.


With all this change, stress can be a common feeling during your day, but it need not define your new life with this miracle. Stress Away essential oil blend over your adrenal area, alomg with Joy essential oil, can help keep your body in the right cortisol balance. Super B, which is a vitamin B supplement infused with Nutmeg essential oil, can be a great addition to help keep your central nervous system functioning strong.


It is a common question with all new moms, "how do I keep my hair staying attached to my scalp?” Be sure to have a look at the supplement topic section to learn more about SulfurZyme. CBD Beauty Boost is another fabulous add to helping hair remain on the scalp. Run a few drops along the scalp before bed and allow the oils to do their thing.


I had so many questions during my postpartum days. Please know this is a safe space to ask all your questions. Many of us are seasoned mommas who have experienced the full spectrum of babies and life after delivery.

Enjoy your little one, no matter what stage of motherhood you find yourself in.

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