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Mental Health Awareness

This month is: Mental Health Awareness

Considering diseases and conditions stem from our emotional state, this ought to be an awareness every month. Perhaps rather than researching cures for various conditions, if we openly help one another heal emotionally, we’d heal physically? Here's another stellar idea, hows about we make it not weird to listen to someone's trauma story? Oh and stop judging them for what you think is traumatic and what is not.

And, what constitutes true PTSD and what does not.

PTSD is a biggie

PTSD comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you think you have it doesn’t matter, it’s how your brain perceives it. Your brain views circumstances how it needs to in order to survive. Especially when you were a child. Children are in fact NOT resilient.

Oh someone needs to hear this today- CHILDREN ARE NOT RESILIENT.

Children, like every other person need to survive, first and foremost. Their brain, like adults are hardwired to switch into a need to survive another day mode. If that means they put on a happy face so that mom and dad won't yell, freak out or lose their schmidt, then that's what they do.

They learned to do this from us, by the way.

By opening the conversation around PTSD you’re able to better objectively see the situation for what it is. Freedom comes quicker because it’s not all up in your head. It’s creating an awareness of “I’m not crazy. I’ve just been through some life.” And that we can deal with.

Understanding how to heal will propel you in every area of life. Some of you have a business that hasn't gone anywhere in years all because there's trauma you haven't dealt with. Ask me how I know... Some of you have marriages that are in the toilet, all because there's trauma yet neither of you are willing to be open and honest.

Knowing the level of trauma gives you an understanding of why you’re triggered by what others might see as no big deal. It helps you stop, learn your triggers and head them off at the pass.

From military vets, to first responders, to mommas of children with various diagnosis’s, to children in the middle of seemingly amicable divorces, to families who’ve said goodbye to loved ones too soon- PTSD is very real, it’s a huge part of mental illness and it’s rarely discussed because frankly, no one knows what the hell to do with it, and heaven forbid we get messy.

The lie perpetuated is mental illness, and certainly PTSD, can never be healed. What's worse is good therapists tell their clients they will just need to cope, rather than heal and overcome and be completely set free. What in the world? Turns out I know a Guy who would tell you a totally different spin on healing.

There was a time I would have shied away from saying, 'yo listen. your healing will come so faster if you'd just add oils'. But see that time has past. These are God's word in drops and they are powerful. Don't you wonder why the disciples took literally nothing with them to galavant about and cast out demons and heal the sick, except anointing oil?? You can't Jefferson that part of the bible and cut it out.

The oils tap into your emotion brain, releasing negative emotions and bringing positive ones to the forefront. I mean, that's the short of it anyway.

Each of these in their own right are soothing to the soul. Choose one, or all.

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